5 Things Newlyweds Must have in Their Room

posted by Chris Valentine

Every couple spends several hours discussing about their wedding. You decide the venue, who you want to invite, what you’re going to wear, the menu, etc. But what about the thing that matters the most? Your house!

It is more important to discuss how you plan to set up your first house as a couple. Your dream house may include a white picket fence, where your children chase your pets through the lush green lawn, the aroma from the succulent BBQ fills the whole street, as your neighbors make their way to your house for the game night. Your dream sounds like a quintessential modern fairy tale. However, the lovey-dovey theme can take a back seat when it comes to the initial stages of setting up your house, especially your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a territory that functions well when there is a consensus over matters of architectural design, furnishing, and décor. Ever mindful of the fact that this case doesn’t apply to every other couple. There are exceptions, of course. Often couples are indifferent to such peculiarities.

With couples who are particular about incorporating “His” and “Her” style to their bedroom, the task is anything but speedy. Truly, your first test as a newlywed couple begins with your bedroom. Getting married doesn’t mean that you lose your sense of individuality. As a result, your style can vary. Hence it is important to strike a perfect balance while choosing the setup for your bedroom.

Not to forget that this is an exciting process where you get to decorate everything from scratch. Therefore it’s important to pick the “must-haves” for your room smartly. Here is a guide to 5 things you must have in your bedroom as a newlywed couple.

A Comfortable Bed

A night of good sleep is essential for a better lifestyle. Whoever said so, said it right. Along with physical activity and a healthy diet, your sleep cycle is just as important, if not the most. On one of your bad days, when you are feeling cranky, lethargic with loss of focus and productivity, you will notice, it was due to the lack of sleep you had the previous night. Research suggests that sleep is a crucial component for your survival as it affects the functionality of all the important organs in your body.

To sleep comfortably, you need to have quality bedding that ensures such a sound experience. You need to get your hands on the finest bedding items, including pillows, luxury comforters, sheets, and bed covers. It is a known fact that high-end bedding brands can often be costly; therefore, it’s understandable if you hesitate in making such investment. But what’s important to understand is that no compromises should be made on comfort. There is a lot at stake when it comes to sleep, as it determines your memory, mood, and cognitive performance.

A Fireplace

Traditional or modern, a fireplace elevates the entire theme of your room by giving it that dreamy presence you have often only read about in classic novels. It is a common practice of installing fireplaces in your living room, but it’s rare for people to install one in their bedroom. For those who do, they are in clouds with the warmest, cozy, and romantic evenings. Especially winter promises relishing nights of hot chocolate and burning marshmallows while you are assembled around the fireplace.

Art Pieces

To enhance the aesthetic sensibility of your bedroom, it is crucial to include classic art pieces. The form of art can vary, depending upon your preferences as a couple. For example, you can go the bold way by choosing to hang a pop culture piece of art above your headboard, or you can go with an effortless theme and choose a classic piece of painting. In case you are big on a budget, gallery hopping should be fun to do. Alternatives could be in the form of hiring a freelance artist or commissioning an artist to develop a unique yet specific piece of art to make it more personalized.

Aromatherapy and Oil Diffusers

There is something about a room that smells good, which makes you feel like you are being embraced in a warm hug. Oil diffusers can do just that. Your bedroom is not only filled with the fragrance of your choice, but it also has various health benefits that uplift your overall mood, make your breathability better, and helps you get a night of uninterrupted sleep. Essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and lemon with their antibacterial and antiviral characteristics can help you through the cold season. Such oil diffusers can help you get aromatherapy on the premises of your bedroom. Since the setup is in your bedroom, it is ever so convenient to distress yourself after a long and hectic day.

Reading Corner

A reading corner is every bookworm’s dream. Setting up a few shelves with books lined up, a comfy one, or a two-seater sofa with a rug laid on the floor gives your room more character. Even if you are not a bookworm, you can use that corner to skim through a book, a magazine, or also catch-up on your work emails. Often weekends can make you not leave the comfort and snug feeling of your bedroom. So for such days, the corner can also turn into a little dining for you to devour on your breakfast or munch on snacks while you both indulge in conversations regarding the happening of your week.

Newly-weds must pitch in their ideas to come to a final decision. It is better to plan beforehand to avoid any arguments and disagreements. Everyone has the right to design their room the way they want, so both of you can make your new room a dream come true!

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