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Moving from the US to Mexico: 8 things to know before your relocation

posted by Chris Valentine

You may have heard a lot about the security concerns, culture and people of Mexico when you announced that you would be moving from the USA to Mexico.

However, no one would have told you that 1.5 million Americans reside in Mexico. They move here after retirement or to get good job opportunities in the thriving tech sector of Mexico. Other than that the country has a great climate, an affordable cost of living and it is right next to the US.

However, before you make the jump to relocate here is a list of things you should know.

1. Mexico is Safe

Unlike how the media paints Mexico it is generally a safe country. As a foreigner, you tend to live in big cities and avoid poor cities. Hence you will be avoiding the areas where the problems of drug cartels exist.

2. It is cheaper than the USA

Life in Mexico is affordable or the American, Canadian and Europeans. The currency rate of Mexico (pesos) is lower than the dollar and euro. Hence you can spend like a king and enjoy your time feeling like the royals.

3. Hiring moving companies from the USA to Mexico and getting a house

Mexico has an abundance of rental flat. However to deal and get a good rate you must know Spanish. In case you don’t then you can take the help of your Mexican friend who can help you negotiate. Renting is fairly easy and requires just a simple deposit. However, if you go for your own apartment then things with bureaucracy can be perplexing.

On the other hand shipping of household goods to Mexico isn’t that tough and the process can be taken care of by moving companies to Mexico. They will ensure that your stuff is delivered from door to door and the hassle is greatly reduced.

4. Mexicans are Friendly

Break the perspective existing in your mind created by media, that all Mexicans are drug dealers. Once you meet them you will find that they are the most friendly and helpful people. To the point, that they are waiting for you to ask for their help when they feel you are stuck

5. American Ex-pacts can help you

There are various American ex-pats living in Mexico and it is a good choice to get connected to them. They will help you if you have any trouble with the bureaucracy. They will take you to all the sights worth seeing and the most popular bars in the country. If you want to enjoy the best things in Mexico go connect with them. Facebook has made it easier and there are various groups named ‘Americans in Mexico’

6. Explore Mexico’s Beautiful Culture

When you move to Mexico do not miss the chance to explore the hints of Latin America in Mexican culture. The colorful surrounding and the beautiful vibes will help you fall in love with the country. Also once you’re done exploring Mexican culture you will feel the urge to check out surrounding countries as well. The culture, the people and the beauty are mesmerizing. Once you move back you will want to go again and you will surely miss the spicy food!

Once you have settled in you won’t want to leave.

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