Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head. No More! Here’s How

posted by Chris Valentine

Photo by CC user Kbrookes on Flickr.

We love the rain and indeed it is necessary for life, but sometimes excessive water can cause damage, especially to the household. The roof is something that protects a structure, and water is the number 1 enemy, in the form of rain. Heavy storms can put a lot of stress on guttering and downpipes, and for this reason they must be cleaned out regularly. The design of the guttering should be able to remove a lot of water without overflowing. Up until a few years ago, roof guttering was quite narrow and made from either plastic or corrugated iron, and was considered rather ineffective during heavy rain.

Preventive Measures

There are things the householder can do to keep guttering and down pipes free of obstruction, anda visual inspection should be carried out frequently, especially after large downpours. If you make sure the guttering is always free of obstacles, a blockage is not likely to occur. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for gutter cleaning in Perth, there are online companies that are fully equipped to deal with any type of gutter problem, including total replacement, which is sometimes the best option.

Stainless steel

This is an ideal material for guttering, as it does not rust or corrode, it looks very nice and can complement any style of home. Modern guttering would be designed to have a very wide,flat base, and this allows for the optimum water flow, which you need during heavy rain.

Professional Advice

If you’re having any problems with your gutters or down pipes, it might be a good idea to source an expert who can evaluate and identified the problem. It might be a component that is defective, or a section of the guttering that needs to be replaced, or it could be that the guttering has seen better days and a replacement would be the best option. Whatever the case, a guttering contractor would be able to offer the best solution, and ensure that your property remains dry. For those in Western Australia, http://www.gutters-perth.com.au/ offer a comprehensive cleaning, repair, and replacement service, all at reasonable prices.

A Visual Inspection

The best thing to do is to inspect the guttering in downpipes while it’s raining. You might get a little wet,but if there are any problems it will be visible. Notice the water flow and look for any mould on any of the joints, as this is a sign of a leak. Silicone is an effective repair tool for minor leaks, just make sure you clean the area thoroughly first, and it must be dry, of course. This should be carried out frequently, and should include all sides of the building, and anything untoward should be noted and addressed quickly, before the next rainfall.

Maintaining the guttering and down pipes will prevent costly repairs, and keep your home dry and in good condition, and if you feel it wiser to have someone do this, an online search will reveal a local company that can carry out the inspection on a regular basis.

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