Wildfire and Smoke Damage Cleanup: Getting to Know Everything

posted by Chris Valentine

Almost every year, there have been record wildfires in Long Island, United States. Unless an individual has encountered a wildfire before, it can be hard to comprehend the amount of damage caused. Even a small wildfire can spread quickly, burning the entire house and leading to a tremendous amount of damage within a few minutes. And individuals are left to deal with the massive mess left by wildfire. It will help if a person takes professional fire and water restoration suffolk county service provider’s help. This article guides homeowners on a few essential things to consider during wildfire damage cleanup. 

  • Take it Day by Day

Homeowners must know that cleaning up wildfire and smoke damage can be lengthy. It will take time to fix, replace, and clean everything. Once an individual has accepted this, he should not feel stressed. He can set out daily achievable tasks to focus on rather than worrying about the bigger picture. 

  • Call the Insurance Company

 After calling the fire department, a homeowner should contact his insurance company. He must inform the insurer about his home’s condition and ask what steps to take to file a claim. Securing an insurance company’s authorization is crucial before hiring a professional property damage restoration company. 

  • Hire a Full-Service Restoration Company

Cleaning up the mess caused by wildfire is not something a person can do without professional help. It’s unsafe, and if not done correctly, it can lead to more severe problems. The soot left behind by wildfire is toxic and causes life-threatening health conditions. 

A professional fire and water restoration suffolk county company can help navigate the items to be kept and disposed of. These technicians ensure proper disposal of toxic possessions. Fire restoration experts will use equipment to remove debris, soot, and odor. On the other hand, water restoration technicians will look for leaked or damaged pipes and help fix them. 

  • Be Aware of Unseen Dangers

Many people think of red hot flames and billowing black smoke as the damages of a wildfire. Although these are extremely dangerous, there are also less obvious elements that can pose a danger. For instance, burned non-organic materials can release toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be highly hazardous to people’s health and lethal if inhaled. 

  • Wear Protective Gear

 Whenever a person removes debris or damaged contents from the property after the wildfire, harmful compounds and toxins might be released into the air. His lungs can inhale, or his skin can absorb these toxins, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, anyone entering the wildfire-damaged property must wear protective clothing, gloves, and masks.


If a homeowner faces wildfire damage, it’s worth contacting the nearest fire and water restoration suffolk county company. A reliable, trustworthy company will do everything possible to make the situation less stressful for the family while restoring the damaged property. Trained and certified restoration professionals will have all the tools and equipment required to fix a wildfire-damaged property to its pre-damaged state within less possible time. 

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