The Benefits of Tankless Water Heating System

posted by Chris Valentine

As you begin to think about optimizing your home’s energy and paying less out of pocket costs on your energy and water bills, your mind goes straight to the old clunker of a tank water heating system that is taking up space in your basement. While your tank water heating system is working okay, you have noticed that your neighbors have a tankless water heating system that works just as well if not better and gives them the space and comfort they desire. It also has cut their heating and water bills in half each year. You begin to research about a tankless water heating system and these are some of the great benefits that you find.


Having a tankless water heating system in your home allows you to become more efficient. The tankless water heater only uses hot water when it is needed. It is like a demand and supply system for your home. As the heating unit only is used as needed, the energy efficiency in your home is increased by as much as ninety five percent according to some experts.


Gone are the days where your old tank water heating system is placed in the basement and everyone has to find their way around the big clunker. And gone are the days where the tank water heating system is so heavy that it took two men to bring it in for installation. The tank part was so heavy that it wore down your baseboards on your floors and you were not sure if it would hold. With your tankless water heating system, you just install and mount it on the wall. It is powered by electric heat exchangers, which most of them are copper, that allows the heat to pass through your tankless water heating system unit and heat your water as needed.


Your tankless water heating system offers pre-set temperatures that you control. Everyone in your family wants different temperatures for their bath water. Now you get to control how hot you want your water to be. With the ability to control your own water temperature, there is less of a likelihood of getting burned by scalding hot water. The tankless heating system is by far the safest heating system between the two.


Being able to allow you control over your hot water usage, makes the tankless water heating system the most reliable one on the market. Make sure that you choose the proper size for your family and you will enjoy hot water at the temperature that you desire, for as loon as is needed. Gone are the days where you have to wait for the old water heating tank to heat up and the water to turn warm enough for you to bathe. Now with the tankless water heater, you can have warm or hot water on demand, for as long as you need it. Typical units can put out as much as 5 to 7 gallons of hot water per minute.


One of the best things about your tankless water heating system is its life expectancy. While the much older tank heating system can last between 5 to ten years, the life expectancy for a tankless water heating system is up to twenty years or more when well cared. The cost efficiency and savings on your heating bill combined with the life expectancy makes the tankless water heating system the best benefit for your home. Once the unit is installed, you will not have to worry about replacement for many years down the road. And that is a good thing for your wallet to hear.


As you pre-set your water heating temperature on your tankless water heating system, you are controlling the amount of electricity that is needed in your home to heat your water. If you are a large family home, this can be crucial to what you will pay out of pocket on your heating bills. With controlling your electric and heating usage, you can monitor your family’s use of how much hot water they need for things like bathing or cooking. Lower usage of hot water means a lower heating bill. Experts predict that you can save as much thirty five percent on your heating bill each year.


As you begin to use your tankless water heating system, you will notice zero hot water loss. This is because whatever you demand for your amount of hot water needed, is exactly what your unit will supply. There is no loss of hot water for your family’s usage. Over time, this will prove to benefit your family in terms of time management and cost effectiveness.


Your tankless water heating system is much easier to install than the big clunker tank water heating system. You will probably need an expert to install your system however, but it is as simple as just mounting it on your wall. There is no strain with carrying the unit because it is so small. Check with a professional if you choose to install it yourself, to make sure that your tankless water heating system unit is working properly.

These are some of the best things about your tankless water heating system. Remember the savings that you will have because the unit only uses hot water as needed. For a large family, this can be priceless. Before buying your unit, let a professional know your home size to ensure that your tankless water heating system has the capacity to heat the water in your home.

Over the next twenty or so years, just mount your heating system on the wall and give your family the gift of continuously running hot water as needed all year long. Your husband will thank you, your children will thank you and your guests will thank you for taking the time to provide energy efficient hot water with your brand new tankless water heating system.

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