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Many people are fond of pets; they either have a dog or cat, or sometimes even a rabbit. There is no restriction on what pet you should have if you are well aware of how to take care of them. Animals are cute, and their companionship is always therapeutic if they trust you. Many people seek companionship in pets to overcome their loneliness and depression. Pets are indeed therapeutic and the best souls when it comes to unconditional love. Having a pet can make you adapt a positive routine and happy moments of playing with them and watching their naughty tricks.

Either it is a cat or a dog, they demand an equal amount of care and attention. You cannot just adopt a pet and leave it to be at a corner in your house. Just like us humans, they also need tender love and care. They will roam around your home, leave their fur on your furniture, and sometimes tear your favorite sofas with their little claws. We cannot complain about these issues because when we bring a pet to our home, we are also signing up for these problems.

Many pet owners refrain from having a pet because of the odor that surrounds their house. Do you own a cat as your pet? You will have to bear the stench of their urination, which can make you run for your money. There are many solutions for overcoming this odor. You can easily find cat litter boxes at your nearest pet shops that will cut the smell and make the litter disposal easy.

With the odor and litter issue off the chart, here are a few tips and tricks to help you look after your pets.

  1. Cover your furniture

Cats and dogs both are furry animals, and you will find their fur everywhere once they start shedding it. If your pets have access to your furniture, you are already aware of the struggle to keep it clean. The best way to keep your furniture free of your pet’s fur is to cover them with sheets. Covering your furniture like sofas with sheets will keep it clean, and you can wash off the covers after vacuuming the fur off of it.

  1. Litter train them

We don’t want your house to reek of pet’s urination odor, better to spend some time training them. As a first-time pet owner, it will not be a new experience for you only, but your house is also a maze for your pet. Your pet needs to know where they have to run to pee and poop. Cats are good learners; you will only need to be vigilant to see if they are scratching some corner or a soft surface. The corner search is the first sign that they are going to pee. You can rush your cat to its litter box and stay with them to use it. After a few attempts, your cat will know the litter box’s place and go there.

  1. Keep baking soda around

You are most likely to need the baking soda if your pet is still learning to use the litter box. Baking soda can help you pick off pet urine from your carpets or rugs. Leave the baking soda at the spot of urination overnight. It will soak all the urine from the carpet or carpet and will turn yellowish. Baking soda will also remove the odor. Vacuum the baking soda off of your carpet, and you are good to go.

  1. Wash the bowls

Cats are known for their cleanliness. They spend time in the house to keep themselves clean and groomed. Washing the feed bowls is essential if you are using plastic containers. Cats can quickly get cat acne around their mouth that is tough to clean. If you are noticing the black debris around your cat’s mouth, time to wash their food bowl. Washing the pots every other day will help in the prevention of acne. In the case of wet food, be sure to learn the quantity that your pet can finish efficiently. An extra amount of wet cat food will spoil and leave a smell as it rots.

  1. Groom them

Just like you cannot prefer to stay untidy, your pet also needs grooming and cleaning. Brush your pet’s fur to remove the lumps from their hair and keep the fleas at bay. While brushing their fur, check for any wounds or fleas. If there are fleas, then you need to prepare them for an anti-flea bath. You can also choose an anti-flea collar for your pet that will prevent the flea invasion further.

  1. Keep the litter box clean

Well, you have struggled enough to finally get your pet to use the litter box and get rid of the odor. If you are noticing your pet urinating outside the litter box, you might need to check it. Pets often start urinating outside their litter box as it becomes dirty or does not cut out further space. Change the litter with a new one, and if your pet is still not using the box, check with your vet for any urinary tract infection or other medical issues.


Pets are not just animals, but they are more like babies who require attention and love. They can make your life happy and peaceful with their unconditional love and purrs. We all have a different kind of association with pets and will go to any length to take care of them. Do schedule some appointments with your vet to check for a health check-up or their regular preventive vaccinations.

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