4 Reasons to Rent a Portable Storage Unit

posted by Chris Valentine

Today, people all over the U.S. are finding many different ways to address their problems. In fact, once a solution has been found, it may be used for several different reasons and not just one. So, if you are thinking about renting a portable storage unit, you may also be interested in knowing about all of the reasons why this may be a good investment.

1. Great Option for Moving vs the Traditional Hire of a Moving Company

Moving the family from one city to another is not so uncommon today. Families are moving for a wide range of reasons and purposes, including changing jobs or transferring to another company in the city of the job offer. Whatever the case or situation, you need to know that you can rent a portable storage unit to assist you and your family in moving everything in your home to the new location. By using these portable units to move your things, you can cut down on the total price of moving your furniture, appliances, electronics and other things that you want to take with you.

So, how much do portable storage units cost? You need to know this information to determine if a traditional moving company is less or more. According to information that you can find online, the cost reductions can be quite substantial. Here’s a few of the expenses that you can eliminate.

– Hiring professionals to load and unload the truck — family loads the storage containers

– Cost of renting the truck to transport items to the new location

– Extra fees charged for adding amenities as you go — fees added for 2 story moving expenses

2. Rent Month to Month – Available in Different Sizes

If you are a homeowner that wants to enlarge the space in your home, you may have just embarked on a relatively huge home renovation project that involves knocking down your kitchen or bedroom walls. In these situations, you may need assistance in finding the right type of storage. For instance, the items in these rooms may need to be removed for whatever time that this project may take to complete.

Also, based on the number of items that need to be removed from these spaces, you may need added storage space for a temporary period of time. Fortunately, a portable storage unit is a solution that will fit this type of situation perfectly. This is especially for homeowners during these times since portable storage units are available in a variety of different sizes and they can be rented on a month to month basis.

3. Keep Storage Pods on Site

Another big plus of renting a storage unit for home improvement projects is the fact that your furniture and other items remain onsite. In this way, your family will have the capability to access these items easily without any unnecessary inconvenience. For instance, no one in the family will be required to drive to another off-site location to find an item that is needed in the home. Also, your family will have a chance to monitor your own things to keep them secure from theft or from the possibility of undue damages.

4. Guidelines Provided to Families Who Want to Pack their Own Belongings

When you elect to store your belongings in a portable storage container, you can decide who will pack your belongings after you have rented the size that you need. You may hire professional packers to remove all of the items that you need to place in storage. Or, you can do all the packing yourselves since this choice is up to you. Also, if you decide to do the packing, you will also have the guidelines below supplied to you.

– Pack large heavy boxes on the bottom (Helps to build a solid foundation)

– Pack light boxes on the top

– Place items needed most in the front the storage pod for easy access

These guidelines will provide specific instructions on how you should pack all of your items inside of the portable storage pod to prevent damage.

There are many different reasons to rent a portable storage unit. Therefore, you can pick and choose which one is actually the best for you. From renting portable storage to move every item in your home to storing things away to complete a home improvement project, this option makes a great investment and helps to save money.

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