The Lap of Luxury: 8 Modern Pool Design Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

posted by Chris Valentine

Adding a luxury pool is an excellent way to give your home more character. These modern pool design ideas will help you turn your yard into an oasis.

There are over 10 million built-in pools sitting in backyards across the United States. That number is growing annually as people amass more expendable income on the back of a strengthening global economy.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a homeowner, we’re willing to bet that you’ve considered adding a pool in your backyard at least once since you’ve moved in.

With summer right around the corner, our advice is to take the leap and build the pool of your dreams!

To help stoke your pool building aspirations, below, we share 8 modern pool design must-haves that you may want to bake into your big project!

1. Go Mediterranean

When it comes to modern pool design, we recommend going with a Mediterranean motif. Mediterranean inspired pools feature beautiful brown and white tiles, adobe bricks, and tasteful touches of iron in surrounding furniture and fences.

Together, these seemingly mismatched elements come together to create brilliant looking poolscapes that soak up the sunshine during the day and naturally heat your pool’s water in the evening.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an overarching theme for your pool that’s form-friendly and extremely functional, we recommend opting for Mediterranean.

2. Try a Sloped Entry Way

A lot of people overlook entryways when designing their pool. They just assume that the only way to go about entering a pool is via concrete steps or a ladder.

The truth is though that custom entryways are one of the lowest hanging and affordable ways that you can take your modern pool design to the next level. Our favorite custom entryways are sloped entrances that emulate how sand on the beach gradually fades into ocean water.

If you work a sloped entry into your pool, be prepared to be the envy of all of your pool-owning friends.

3. Glass Tiled Flooring

If you’ve never seen glass tiles lining the bottom of a pool, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Light refracting off of pool water and magnifying onto blue and teal glass tiles creates a shimmer that makes it seem as though you’re swimming in a pool of glitter. Furthermore, glass tile’s reflective properties can help refract light from your yard during the evening which can boost illumination.

4. Floor to Ceiling Windows

When you’re designing your pool, you’ll want to look at more than just your pool. You’ll want to lend some of your focus to what surrounds your pool.

If you have a den or a dining room that borders your yard, consider installing floor to ceiling windows to create a blend between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

When you install floor to ceiling windows in whatever room in your house borders your pool area, you’ll be able to enjoy entertaining indoors with your pool beautifully adorning the background of your social event.

That means you can always enjoy the feeling of being outdoors to an extent, even when inclement weather forces you to stay in.

5. Blend Your Pool’s Shape into Your Landscaping

A rectangular pool shouldn’t be the only option that you consider when building your water-filled masterpiece. Pools can be round, L-shaped, shaped like a star and everything in-between.

As a rule of thumb, when deciding on what your pool shape is, you’ll want to look at your yard’s topography. If you’re not sure what type of pool shape your yard’s natural layout is suited for, visit this site or engage local pool professionals to get expert recommendations.

6. Section off Your Pool with Bridges

Some of the most breathtaking pools that we’ve seen in residential spaces break up their pool’s design with bridges.

Bridged pools typically sport an “8” shape that is circular at its ends but narrow at its center. That narrow area allows for pool owners to build cost-effective bridges that not only add flair to their pool’s overall design but can also provide the benefits that bridges make for fun places to dive off of.

7. Combine Your Pool and Hot Tub

If you’re considering throwing down a hot tub alongside your pool, forget about it. We suggest that you make your hot tub the centerpiece of your pool area by literally building it into the middle of your pool.

Building a hot tub into the middle of your pool will run you extra given the implications of pumping hot water underground through your cold water pool.

Still, if you can afford it, having a hot tub island in the center of your pool is well worth the cost and will get your friends talking.

8. Don’t Forget About Lighting

We round out our modern pool design tips with an often forgotten pointer that can have a tremendous impact on your pool area’s overall atmosphere… lighting!

Pool lights that can change colors, create underwater projections and have other fun features are cheap and pack a high return on investment.

When shopping pool lights, check out the brand Pentair. It’s a go-to brand among pool enthusiasts that comes with an industry-leading warranty.

Wrapping Up Modern Pool Design Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

There’s no doubt that installing a new pool can represent a significant investment. What a lot of people don’t realize though is that investment affords thousands of hours of memories shared with friends and family which are priceless.

To create the perfect backdrop for those memories, leverage our modern pool design ideas above and prepare to cool off!

For additional information on how to get the most out of your life, check out more of our unconventionally life-changing content on Odd Culture today!

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