Tips for students renting an apartment in Toronto, ON

posted by Chris Valentine

With a life as hectic as in these times, buying a house is simply unnecessary. The trend of moving about and taking a chance at numerous locations before having a proper setup has left countless people with the choice to rent. Renting a flat can be a tad bit stressful, whether you are a frequent tenant or are going to rent for the first time.


Here are a few things should always consider before you go about prior to searching for the right residence near York University.

What do You Want?

Everyone dreams of a perfect place to live in, but the fact that renting a property need to be based upon how long you intend to stay and what you are willing to pay, should be taken into consideration before anything else. Before renting a property, ask yourself what kind of property are you looking for. Whether you need a place to just spend the night or to properly occupy? Whether you need flat, house, studio apartment or just a room and for what duration you want it.

Once you have decided that, move on to whether you would prefer to live in a furnished place or not. Keep in mind that a furnished flat will cost much higher than a normal rental.

If you have a car, do you need parking area? You should be very much aware of your needs before going through the searching process.

Be clear about your budget:

Tenancy contracts are a true statement of what the charges and rent would be during the rental term. However, sometimes the property owner may make demands uncalled for. Research all about the property owner and get the reviews of the neighbours so that no extra burden falls on you as you move in.

You must set a realistic budget. Check your pocket before renting. You may have to pay utility bills, service charges, and a months’ deposit besides the rent, so be ready for that.

Suitable location for you:

Yes! Selecting a location is the most important part of your searching process. There are many factors, which should be considered before selecting a suitable location. For example, its distance from your workplace, university or college if you are studying, availability of transport, market place, family and friends, and security or crime rate in that area. Make a list of your priorities.

When all is said and done, do make sure that the contract you sign with the property owner is accurate and all terms acceptable. While the property owner may extend facilities apart from the contract, he also has the power to revoke it or to sue you for misconduct or damages.

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