Stain Disdain – How to Bring Your Home Back From Chaos

posted by Chris Valentine

It only takes one busy week for your home to fall into an absolute state. And when you fall into domestic chaos, it can be pretty tricky knowing where to start when it comes to digging yourself back out. Here are just a few small steps you can take to have your home sparkling once more.

Sweep and vacuum

Before you whip out your vacuum cleaner, it’s important to give your floors a thorough sweeping first with a wide broom and dustpan, especially if you have pets. You want to make sure that you clear all large chunks of debris aside so that you won’t have to spend time cleaning out your vacuum down the track. Certain surfaces like carpets and hardwood floors, will perform at their best when they’re vacuumed twice or thrice a week, as it inhibits dust and other nasty particles from settling between carpet fibres and floorboards. Alongside this, it’s important to get yourself a quality, cordless vacuum that comes equipped with a lot of valuable accessories, like alternate heads designed for specific surfaces. Martha Stewart’s Golden Rules of Vacuuming dictate that quality vacuums come with specialised, interchangeable heads for a reason and that these reasons should not be forgotten. If you want your home to look at its best, it’s worthwhile getting acquainted with your vacuum’s different heads and getting into the habit of vacuuming all your surfaces, from your floors to your couches and mattresses.

Rejuvenate your surfaces

Once you’ve done your floors, it’s time to make sure that all your windows, basins, bathtubs, and all other glass, metallic, and porcelain surfaces, are looking as shiny and fresh as they can be. Naturally, there are different ways to clean all these different surfaces, and you should get into the habit of keeping some specialised cleaners underneath your kitchen sink or in your laundry room. And if you’ve got a lot of curious little ones or are simply not a fan of pesky chemical cleaners, then it’s definitely worthwhile looking into homemade surface cleaners that are made with all-natural ingredients like baking soda, citrus, and natural oils. Not only are these incredibly simple to make, but they can also be incredibly effective cleansers that are kind to both your family, as well as the environment.

Feng shui for freshness

The practise of feng shui can be made easy by following the simple mantra that everything in your home should have its own place. Try and place all of your belongings in the most natural locations. For instance, TV remotes should return to your TV unit, rather than sitting on your couch. Invest in smart storage options, like large boxes in your closet for out-of-season clothing, a bowl or rack for your keys that sits by the front door, and Tupperware storage containers for your pantry to avoid all your ingredients being stored in an eclectic array of different packagings. It’s all about intelligently removing excessive visual and mental noise from your home and your person.

If you’re still a little bit uncertain with your chosen placements, here’s a little activity that may set you on the right track:

Try working your way from your front door all the way through to every room in your home. Walk slowly and with fresh eyes, like you’re a guest that’s stepping into your home for the first time. Be mindful of where your eyes wander, what grabs your attention, what feels in balance, what makes you feel comfortable, and what sticks out like a sore thumb. Looking at your home with a new perspective can help keep your atmosphere fresh and inviting.


If you keep practising these simple tricks, keeping your home free from chaos will quite certainly become an effortless endeavour.

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