Eight interesting dream interpretations

posted by Chris Valentine

Looking for interesting dream interpretations? ... photo by CC user Aweisenfels on wikimedia commons

I recently bought a new mattress online (Oz Mattress, in case you were wondering) and since I have been sleeping on my new mattress, I have been having some crazy good dreams. I used to never remember my dreams, but now I’m flying every night!

When you dream, you’re experiencing a huge jumble of images and visuals that you may not even have ever thought in your life. There is a huge amount of interest in the area of dream interpretation that has been around since the beginning of time – if only we dreamed in a logical way that made sense! As it stands though, we have a confusing jumble of images and illogical things that happen, and we have to try and make sense of them. Although there’s no hard and fast rule for dream interpretations, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that certain things in dreams mean certain things in reality.

1. Animals

If you dream about animals, you’re probably feeling connected to nature and survival in some way. If you’re being chased by an animal, this can mean that you might be holding back repressed emotions like fear or aggression. In a confusing twist, you can also be dreaming about a new start if you’re dreaming about animals. Being chased is a very common symbol in all cultures and it can mean that you’re feeling threatened – so be sure to think about who has been chasing you (it might be symbolic of something) and why they could be chasing you/or be a threat in real life.

2. Being beheaded or beheading someone

If you dream of beheading, it can a highly disturbing thing to have to bear witness to in your dream state. Beheading can symbolise a fear of failure or a fear of losing your ability to do something. Challenges can be represented by beheading as well, and depending on whether you’re watching or being beheaded can indicate the role that you’re taking in the dream and what role the fear takes – whether you’re fearful for yourself or for others.

3. Clothing

Your clothes make a statement about how we want to be perceived by others. If your dream has you wearing shabby clothing and feeling unattractive, then it can be indicative of a lifestyle change that is needed. You might see it as a symbol of balance as well, as clothing can indicate the measure by which we feel in control of things.

4. Death

The death of a friend or loved on in a dream can represent change, endings or new beginnings, and isn’t a psychic prediction of any kind – lest you’re afraid that you’re dreaming premonitions of death. If you’re recently bereaved, it may be a helpful mental sign that you’re beginning to come to terms with what has happened and who has passed on.

5. Hands

If you’re dreaming of hands, it can mean that you’re concerned with something that you need to do – and if your hands are tied in a dream, it can represent a feeling of futility in your life. If you’re washing your hands, it can mean that you’re expressing guilt in your dream, and if you’re looking closely at your hands, it is a good way to become lucid.

6. Houses

Dreaming of a house in your nocturnal slumber can represent your inner psyche. Each different room or floor in your dream house may work to symbolise different emotions, memories and interpretations that are going on in your life.

7. Killing or death

If you dream of killing someone, it doesn’t automatically make you Dexter. Your dream may be representative of your desires to ‘kill’ part of your personality, and it can also symbolise hostility towards someone.

8. Food

Dreaming of food can be a sign that you want to nourish yourself, or it could just mean food.

I hope that these interpretations have been helpful for you for when you go to sleep in your bed at home tonight, and you enjoy happy dreams!

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