Things to do Before Putting in Your Pool 

posted by Chris Valentine

A swimming pool is a seriously cool addition to your property and offers the perfect way for you to maximize the space which you have outside the home. This is of course a large scale project and before you put that pool in, there is a checklist of things which you must first go through. The cost of pools has come down a great deal in recent years and that is why more people are exploring his as a viable option. Before you get started breaking ground however, here is what you will have to check.

Where To Put The Pool

When it comes to planning the pool’s location, you need to think about a number of factors. If you have lots of space to play with then you must consider sun exposure, lines of sight from the property, wind exposure and accessibility. 

Learn About The Site 

Space is not the only thing you will need to put a swimming pool in, the site itself may actually not be up to the challenge. For a swimming pool to be installed well, you need to have level ground, without any dramatic slopes. There are ways around this of course, but correcting a sloping space will come at a price. 

Utility Locating 

When breaking ground the last thing you need is to snag a water or gas pipe, and that is why utility locating is such a critical step in your pool planning. This is a very simple task to do, and a surveyor is only a call away, then they can come out and notify you of where those lines are. A failure to do this could be seriously expensive and set the project back by a lot, neither option makes sense given the simplicity of locating those utilities before starting. 

Under or Over

Many people opt for a pool which sits on top of the ground, because of the costs which come with excavation work and soil removal. With this being said, in-ground pools offer a much more permanent-looking option, as well as a better aesthetic. The choice will come down to how much you are looking to spend and what results you are seeking from the finished project. 

Concrete or Fiberglass

These are the two most commonly used materials for pools, and you’ll have to decide which will be the right choice for you. Concrete offers a lower cost option and it is much more flexible than fiberglass, which could help if you are designing an odd shaped pool. Fiberglass on the other hand can be easily and quickly installed, and it takes around 10% of the time that it would to install a concrete pool of the same size. The choice as to which materials you use will be one based on budget and the overall aesthetic which you are looking for. 

These are the key aspects to consider before you set the ball rolling for your project to add a pool to the property. 

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