How to Design the Inside of a Portable Cabin Yourself

posted by Chris Valentine

We’ve all run into this roadblock before.

I know I have.

You have the vision to create something incredible, but there’s just one problem.

You just need a little inspiration.

If you are a DIY connoisseur and are looking for the freshest takes in the portable building design business, you won’t want to miss these 7 surprising secrets I discovered to help design the inside of your portable cabin all by yourself!

Number 6 might be my favorite…

1. Plan Ahead With the Layout


You already have purchased a portable cabin for sale. It’s time to transform those old bones into something magical.

Make the porta cabin your own by creating a unique floor plan to scale. This helps visualize the layout of all your portable bedrooms.

Take it from me, this will help save tons of time!

Don’t forget insulation, wall boards, electricity, and plumbing.

2. Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Just because your portable cabin is cozy doesn’t mean you need to compromise space.

I recommend getting gear that can serve lots of functions for both sleeping and storage.

One of the best things I’ve run into?

Use a bed with underneath storage!

3. Add a Ladder

Ladders are everything! They have so much potential such as:

  • Pot racks
  • Collectables storage
  • Loft access
  • Art displays

Not to mention ladders can add so much more space to your portable cabin!

I used one to loft my bed and it created an entire new space underneath. I was able to create my dream reading nook by adding a simple fountain, reading lamp, and LOTS of cute pillows!

4. Install Bunk Beds In Your Portable Cabin

Bunk beds are literally the best idea since sliced bread.

Yes they can be great for kids, but don’t rule them out for adults either.

They create a cozy niche for both sleeping and relaxing – not to mention you can save some serious space for your other areas too!

5. Use Repurposed Materials

Used and repurposed materials are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I love this because you can be a global conservationist with your portable building designs. (And I love saving money!)

Some great things to keep in mind:

  • Buy eco-friendly materials
  • Utilize thrift stores
  • Use renewable energy

6. Put in Bookshelves

Simple, right?

Yet so effective!

Lining your walls with bookshelves can not only create more space in your portable cabin, but also an amazing place to store all your favorite books, trinkets, and display items you want to show off.

It makes your portable cabin feel like home.

7. Find Your Ideal Style

At the end of the day you need to find your ideal style. There are so many choices out there.

Choose something you identify with like:

  • Mid-century Modern
  • Bohemian
  • Industrial
  • Scandinavian

And then run with it!

(I love the Scandinavian style!)

Break Free of the Norm

The best part about portable cabins is they are 100% unique to you!

Don’t be afraid to put your personal spin on designs and take creative liberty. Be bold and make it your own.

Stick to your gut.

You have the tools you need to make a killer portable cabin. I just have one more tip…Get started!

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