Great and Easy Microlearning Strategies You Can Add to Your Daily Routine

posted by Chris Valentine

Did you know that there’s a 20% increase in knowledge retention through microlearning as opposed to traditional learning strategies?

But microlearning strategies are not only limited to workplace education, but there are also ways that you can incorporate them into your daily life no matter where you are. Also, it doesn’t matter what subject you’re intending to study.

Taking a look at some great and easy to follow microlearning strategies to improve your life daily. How to make time for furthering your education daily.

Easy Microlearning Strategies: The Fundamentals

To create an effective microlearning strategy for yourself, it’s important to understand the fundamentals that make a good one.

Keep these microlearning fundamentals front of mind as you ease yourself into changing your daily routine.

1. Have a Clearly Defined Goal

If you’re keen to get started with microlearning, you need to have a clear goal in mind. You can’t want to start microlearning if you have no specific topic in mind that you’d like to learn.

For example, a good microlearning fundamental is having a problem that you want to solve.

2. Create Anytime Access

One of the most important parts of microlearning effectively is being able to have any time, anywhere access to the materials you need.

You can use smartphones, mobile devices and easy to access screens to make your access easy, thus removing any ‘no-access’ excuses you might find yourself making.

Secondly, internet access is paramount to your microlearning success.

3. The Right Type of Content

A rather dated myth about microlearning is that it can only be done through video content, this is in fact, not true.

Decide on the type of content that works well for you. If you enjoy reading, then that would be the right type of content for you. Some people prefer audio files or video formats to get their microlearning fix.

Busting Microlearning Myths

In order to use microlearning to improve your daily life, you need to bust the following myths associated with microlearning. You cannot change your daily routine if you’re not aware of what microlearning isn’t.

  1. Microlearning is not a new concept. Look at platforms such as, their video courses can be viewed in short bursts of content, filtered by the topic and able to watch in compact sessions for ultimate information retention.
  2. Microlearning cannot completely replace traditional learning. There will always be a need for attending normal classes if you’re taking a formal course or trying to get a qualification. You cannot replace in-depth courses with microlearning although you can learn about in-depth concepts without the qualification.
  3. Microlearning is not only for simple topics. You can separate complex topics into shorter sessions to cover a more in-depth learning subject if you’d like.

Some of the other microlearning myths include the fact that people think microlearning can only be done through the medium of video, this is also not true, as well as the myth that microlearning is only for the younger generation. If you can navigate the internet and a smart device, then you’re able to participate in microlearning.

Set for Microlearning Success

Diving headfirst into your microlearning strategies is the best way for you to find your success.

Set yourself a goal for each day of how many minutes you’d like to spend on your chosen subject, and to come full circle, make sure that your goals include an end of the week checklist so that you know you’re on track.

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