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Things You Probably Shouldn’t Send By Courier

posted by Chris Valentine

These days we can send basically anything by courier, almost everything we want to move from one place to another can be fetched by a guy here and delivered on the other side. One sweet mum sent her hungry son a shepherd’s pie via the mail once, we don’t think it got there hot, he was 400 miles away. Though people send all sorts of fresh stuff nowadays, freshly cut flowers are a massive industry, or how about the fresh seafood the folks of inland cities get to enjoy. All possible because of specialised courier services.

Some Shipments From The Past

Back in the early days of the US postal service, one guy came up with the idea that the bricks he needed to build a bank about 120 miles away could be shipped at a quarter of the price if he used the mail and not the more sensible wagon transport. Of course, rules were made afterwards to stop this from happening again. Someone once thought that they could send bull semen in the mail, we can just imagine the unhappiness of the receiver. Believe it or not, bull sperm is a big business and like all legit businesses, there are legit ways to courier things. Maybe use pros like who have a special division for transporting medical specimens, you know, so that the stuff gets there alive.

Stuff You Should Check About, Before Sending

Speaking of animals, a lot of people have tried over the years to send living creatures via the mail. The fatality rates are staggering for poor little animals like turtles, snakes, monkeys, and the list just goes on. Professional couriers are equipped to care for the packages they transport, so make sure to ask the service you’re using about their capacity to courier animals before you carelessly tape them up in a box and ship them like cargo. Also, always be careful when sealing up a box meant for shipping, a cat named Cupcake got sent 260 miles by accident when she fell asleep inside a box just before it got taped up. Also, while it might be perfectly normal for some postal services to ship bees, if done incorrectly the bees are not going to survive, make sure to get the right service for your requirements.

Some Other Strange Things

Another story from the beginning of the US postal service, a young couple sent their baby to his grandparents for 15 cents, since the child was under the eleven-pound weight limit required for a package and the rules did not exclude an infant from being sent by mail. Newspapers took up the story and this chased up a storm of parents with the same idea until the rules were changed, of course. Lastly, the one other thing we have to mention here (for no specific reason) there’s a site out there where you can send and receive a selection of, we kid you not, fine poops! Ranging from cow pats to gorilla droppings, maybe some lion skat, or how about elephant turds! There’s even a medley combo pack, among other strange and weird items.

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