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The World’s Craziest Street Art

posted by Chris Valentine

With the popularity of street art all over the world, graffiti, which was once considered as a punishable act has now taken the shape of an authentic art form. Most of the exhibitions at major institutions including MOCA in Los Angles and Tate Modern in London magnificently display this art form. A number of taggers including Shepard Fairey and Banksy have been turned into underground superstars, and everything from simple spray paint tagging, to clever paintings incorporating the surrounding outdoor features or fixtures, and even creative street furniture can count as art available to the masses. Information about some of the cities where you can witness world’s best street art is provided here under for your perusal.

Melbourne, Australia

A number of artists in Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia, are seriously involved in create street art on the walls of the city. All the illustrations created by these artists are reviewed and monitored by Graffiti Management Plan of Australian government. They not only dismantle the illegal installations but also commission the pieces of arts created by new as well as established artists. Caledonian and Hosier Lanes in the Central Business District are the places where one can watch the state approved street arts created by Rone and Anthony Lister.

São Paulo, Brazil

A community of street artists is thriving in Brazil which is popularly known for its chaotic industrial status. The inaugural Graffiti Fine Art Biennale of Sao Paulo city was hosted in MuBE, the prestigious sculpture museum of the city, in last autumn season. Works of a number of Brazilian and other international street artists are displayed in this month long event every year.

Berlin, Germany

World’s best street art can be seen abundantly in Berlin which is designated as City of Design by UNESCO on the basis of artistic creations of German artists. Eastern Kreuzberg is the home of most of the top class street artists like Blu, Victor Ash etc. the city is just like a workshop for street art. All the artistic creations on the walls of the city not only compel you to tour the city on foot but also permit you to learn this art form to any level.

London Street Art

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

London, UK

In 2008 the major public display of street art in London was first of all conducted in Tate Modern. London is an authentic place for contemporary street art, graffiti. Square Mile is the place in London where one can easily view the wide span of the creations of Grafter, Banksy and Shepard Fairey etc, internationally famous painters. A number of illustrations created by some of the emerging artists including Camden, Brick Lane, Shoreditch, and Ben Slow can also be viewed in the eastern districts of this city.

New York City, USA

A number of powerful and impressive graffiti artists ranging from Basquiat to Poster Boy have produced world’s best street art in New York City. Victor Goldfeld’s Ol Dirty Bastard memorial in Bed-Stuy, Manhattan’s Bowery wall and Bronx Wall of Fame on East 173rd St., are some of the top spots where you can witness city’s best street art. Unfortunately, street art taking up more than 200,000 sq ft created by national and international artists at 5Pointz in Long Island City has now been painted over.

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