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Crazy Beauty Trends

posted by Chris Valentine

download (5)Everyone wants to look attractive, but some people are ready to go to extremes when it comes to their appearance. This article will describe some crazy beauty trends in the world that are best not tried on your own.

One of the craziest beauty trends and considered to be the hottest one in Japan these days is the so-called “Bagel Head”, becoming popular after the procedure was published in National Geographic. People inject saline into their forehead and press down the middle part to form a bagel. This is one of the most confusing and strange things in the beauty industry. The Japanese are also known for “yaeba”, where the eye teeth are made to look bigger and just out t mimic the impression of youth. This procedure is done using veneers, which permanently damage teeth for a beauty trend that will probably be short lived.

If you are from a type of people who think that textured nails and textured nails are crazy enough trend, there are beauty trends that are going to completely confuse you. These are for example bull semen hair masks, tatooths, as well as snake massage.

As strange as it might seem, some Singaporean people crave collagen in a coffee. Singapore produces a coffee that contains collagen that is meant to improve the skin and make it more attractive. In Japan, producers add collagen even to foods, like yogurt and dried fruits. However, there are even odder things than these ones.

Facials: There are women that give $250 for a spermine facials treatment to diminish their wrinkles and smooth the skin. Others opt for hydrating treatment with human placenta, paying as much as $500 for this spa procedure. Some other odd methods are applying a snail secretion for rejuvenating qualities, as well as bird poop, which is believed to be rich in guanine, the amino acid that cleanses and brightens the skin.

Snake Massages: Already mentioned above, snake massages are the next thing that will probably make us prefer to opt for bird poop instead. The crazy idea for snake massages has come to Ada Barak, a spa proprietress. The procedure consists of placing a mass of entwined snakes on the clients’ backs, who feel calmed feeling the movement of snakes on their skin. Obviously, most people would be anything but calm feeling this.

Fish Pedicures: Another unconventional beauty treatment is placing the feet in a water with small garra rufa fish and letting them feed on the flaking and dead skin.

More and more people try something outside the box. Here are some of the crazy trends of the future that will probably be widely used in beauty industry:

Beauty Trends in Eyes and Lashes

Apart from crazy eyelashes, the latest trend is to adorn the eyeballs theme=selves with gems. The rage is for eyes that, quite literally, sparkle. I can only imagine this painful procedure leaves you feeling like something is stuck in there. Perhaps the idea stems from the Bristish and American trend of “vajazzle”, where diamantes are placed in cute or pretty patterns on women’s intimate areas. Seemingly, this makes them more attractive, although the procedure is painful and invasive (but at least it can be removed).

Beauty Trends in Green Industry

The products that are produced in this category seem to become more efficacious and sophisticated than ever. It was always difficult to create natural self-tanners and fragrances, but currently it shows up to be successful. Ecco Kid Company from Australia is an example of this, offering people to taste their children’s products to ensure their purity. At least it is missing the whitening agent (bleach) found in middle eastern skin products.


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