5 Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Your House That Actually Work

posted by Chris Valentine

Keeping your home free from insects is the most daunting experience for many homeowners. Study shows that most of the insects invading your home are triggered to run from weather changes and look for shelter to people’s homes.

Insects are a nuisance, they bring dirt, diseases, and you should not give them a space to share in your home. But it’s advisable before you rush to buy chemical pesticides from nearby stores, liaise with Responsible Pest Control professionals first. Allow the experts to help clean pests off your home because they have enough experience and understand how to handle the clearing process.

Alternatively, here are the ways you can use to put the insect menace from coming to your home.

Keep your Home Clean

Insects love to stay in a dirty environment. If you keep your home clean, especially the compound, that’ll make it hard for insects to get to the house. The dustbin needs to remain clean or covered to avoid pests accessing it. Avoid still water from staying in your compound and trimming your grass or fence to limit breeding areas’ chances.

In your house, make sure you often vacuum, especially once per week. Keep your kitchen orderly, and after the meal wash the utensils plus clear all food particles because that attracts cockroaches.

Keep your Taps & Pipes Dry

Keeping them does not mean not to allow water to pass through, but to prevent leakages in unwanted areas. Wet areas are breeding grounds for pests, and the most dangerous place that encourages them is below the sink. Never allow dirty dishes to stay for long with water in the sink.

If you cannot do the checkup yourself, hire a plumber to go through all your home pipes to seal any leakages. In basement areas, moisture can build up with time, and a dehumidifier is an answer to excessive moisture. Rats and cockroaches are always in search of water, and denying this special commodity to them is one way to keep them off.

Keep your Food in the Store Sealed in Cans

The most successful approach to stop pests from entering your home is making them as inhospitable as possible. How do you do that? Your store is where the war begins by keeping all your food in plastic containers or sealable containers. Foodstuffs like rice, snacks, beans, maize, or any other food need to be put somewhere where pests cannot smell them.

Shut fruits in a refrigerator to shut fruit flies from becoming an uninvited guest. The other important area and most ignored is pet bowls. Always keep them clean after mean and keep your pets clean whenever they go outside the house, for they are notorious for bringing bugs with them if not checked.

Do-it-yourself Approach to Kill Insects

The most successful trick to eliminate pests from your home is to identify what they love to eat. For instance, cockroaches love to eat bits of food that fall, such as sugar and flour. Look for deadly substances from pesticide stores and mix them with whatever stuff you have at home, like flour and mix. Cockroaches will come as a routine and consume the poison.

Plant Basil around your home to Block Flies Away

Flies cannot come near the offensive smell of basil. You can scare them away from your home by placing them near entry points of your house. Insects hate the strong smell, and a sense of it drives them away. Therefore, without relying on pesticides to kill insects and end up affecting the health of your family members with after effects, basil is the way to go.

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