Step by Step Guide to Eliminating Household Pests

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you noticing that your house is getting taken over more and more by insects with each passing day? While you will be fighting an uphill battle to take control of your house again, it isn’t impossible. There are many tips and steps that you can take to help reduce the number of pests in your house, and finally eliminating them from it once and for all. Pests can cause a whole laundry list of serious illnesses, diseases, and many other problems within your house, so taking the time to fight and eliminate them is essential to the health of you and anyone in your house.

Here is a step by step guide to eliminate household pests once and for all.

Clean up your house

Most pests exist in your house because there is a mess that attracts them. These insects are drawn towards areas with food left lying around, mold, humidity, and dust. A house that is not taken care of will attract much more pests than ones that are clean. Therefore, the first step towards eliminating the pests within your house is by taking away everything that interests them in your house. By cleaning up your kitchen and bedrooms of any food crumbs, you will slowly starve out these insects. Make sure that you clean everywhere, including hard to reach places.

By doing this, not only will you be creating a healthier living environment, but you also might find the source of the infestation and be able to deal with it directly. The first step towards eliminating pests is cleaning the house of any dirt and food.

Placing traps and repellents around the house

Once you have cleaned your house, start looking into placing traps around your house to catch and kill these insects. What kind of traps can you place? There are a large variety of traps and concoctions you can create to curb the number of insects in your house. Natural repellents and traps are some of the best things to place around your house because they are easy and affordable. According to PestSeek, mixing sugar and baking soda together is a great tool for killing ants and cockroaches as the sugar attracts them, while the baking soda will kill them once they ingest it. Coffee grounds around the house are another fantastic way to keep pests out of your house. These simple, natural products can be found around the house and utilized as the first line of defense for stopping these pests.

If the situation calls for a little more extreme measures, you can look into going to a nearby hardware store and picking up chemical sprays and industrial traps. While these are costly, and can be hazardous, they will definitely work to kill anything that is in your house that you do not want. Take the fight to the pests themselves with a vast number of traps and repellents.

Keep the pests out with barriers

So, you’ve started to shrink down the numbers of bugs and pests with traps and repellents, however you realize there is a problem. No amount of traps and cleaning in the house will be effective if more and more bugs keep funneling into your home. The last thing you want as you are eliminating these insects is for them to bring in reinforcements from the outside. These insects have gotten into your house somehow, and it is now time to take a look around the house and figure out where they are sneaking in from. Take a look at doors and walls that lead to the outside of your house. Inspect them for any cracks or small little crannies insects can move into. You’d be surprised at the places an insect can go.

One of the first remedies towards this is to place repellants at these entrances to deter these insects from coming in, however this is only a temporary solution as we would like to seal these entrances up for good. If there are small cracks, look to fill them with caulking, and if there are any issues with the doors, look into having them repaired. All of this might seem costly and frustrating, but it is worth it in the long run. Once you’ve gotten the pests out, keep them out with proper home maintenance.

Don’t let your house be ruined by the unwanted visitors inside. Clean your house and kick them out to ensure that your space is healthy and disease free. Would you want to live with a plethora of bugs and insects? Not only is the cleaning good to eliminate bugs, you can be proud of the way your house will look after it all. Natural solutions will also work to keep your house and the air clean and breathable. Take back your house once and for all. What methods will you use to get rid of those pests?

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