3 Ways to Give Your Office the ‘Wow’ Factor

posted by Chris Valentine

Is your office beginning to be a place where you dread spending your working hours? Then your employees and visiting clients will feel the same way too. Your office is often the first impression for many potential clients and partners. It’s essential to showcase your company’s success and ethos through the environment you operate out of.

Your employees will thank you with higher levels of production if they’re working in a space that makes them feel comfortable and happy to be in.

So what are you waiting for? Drag your office out of the grey wall and swivel chair stone ages and give it the ‘wow’ factor. By doing this, your clients are sure to remember you, and you’ll make your reputation as a company shine. You should know by now what a balanced environment can do for your business and employees. It is a mix between the physical installation and personality that speaks through your mark and what you work for. Once the decision has been made, you can look for affordable offices for rent in Paris. There is no doubt that it is an excellent location out there to place your operations.

Working Walls

A very simple yet effective way of bringing modern working theory into practice is by creating a working wall. This concept is something that your employees can add to in a chronological order to show and explain their progress.

These can be incorporated into your office by using chalk paint or a chalkboard. They’re extremely useful for conference rooms where multiple team members can work together over a period of time to reach a shared goal.

While being extremely useful to your working day, they also look like pieces of art-work when displayed correctly. They show viewers that your business is forward-thinking and a fun place to work in.

An interior construction company can design custom pre-engineered solutions to innovative wall designs such as a tech assisted and movable walls. As well as many other aspects designed exactly for your space.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Another design concept that modern offices are incorporating into their spaces is bringing the outdoors indoors. A vertical wall of plants in your work environment creates a ‘wow’ visual for visitors and purifies the air for employees.

If your budget doesn’t permit a bio-wall, then placing plants around your office or hanging them from the ceiling in a decorative way will break up the clinical feeling an office space often has.

Finally, another option is to decorate your interior with natural products. Get rid of the plastic, and make your space more natural and homely with naturally made furniture and textiles.

Flexible Seating

Another design concept that’ll bring your office into the 21st-century is flexible seating arrangements. Your employees need to feel comfortable and ‘at home’ to work to their full potential.

Don’t let your employees or yourself feel chained to the desk all day. Give them options to move around with their laptops and paperwork by creating a flexible environment.

This is achieved by creating alternative spaces for them to work in, such as window seats, hanging chairs, private areas, and community spaces. Bonus points if you can accommodate a working space outdoors.

Comfort Is Key to High Production

Updating your office doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. These tips for upgrading your space to give it the ‘wow’ factor can be done on a low budget with some creativity and thrifting.

Take control of your office space and make it yours, that way it’s an extension of your company’s advertisement and a productive place to work.

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