How to move your home gym?

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you enjoy working out? Do you like to spend an hour or two every other day working on your body? Then you probably have a home gym. Some people are satisfied with only having different weights at their disposal. Others have a fully decked out gym with all the latest equipment and accessories. Whatever the situation may be, one thing remains that same. And, that is, that you need to how to prepare and who to call in order to move your home gym. So, let’s take a closer look so that you can better organize your next relocation.

Preparing your home gym for relocation

The most important thing you need to do is to properly prepare your home gym for relocation. Don’t get us wrong, you will need a competent moving team helping you out in order to safely transport your equipment. But, if you do not prepare properly, no moving team can help you.

You will need a competent moving team helping you out if you are to move your home gym.

Alt: A girl shaking hands with a professional mover.

With this in mind, we are going to go over a simple procedure that should help you prepare. If you feel, at any point, that you are unable to prepare properly, don’t shy away from calling professional movers to help you.

Finding packing supplies

The first thing you need to do is to find proper packing supplies. Remember, you are packing exercise equipment. While some of your equipment can be quite tough, other parts can be surprisigly fragile. And, as a rule of thumb, we are going to guess that most of your equipment is heavy. After all, you are using it to build muscle. So, should you simply pop to your nearest warehouse and try to score some free moving boxes? Off course not. If you want your equipment to survive the relocation, you need to pack it with top quality packing supplies. Simple, everyday cardboard boxes cannot hope to keep your equipment safe as they are bound to tear.

You should never use cardboard boxes for transporting heavy items.

Alt: A cardboard box.

One thing we would advise you to consider is getting plastic containers. These are much better suited for transporting heavy equipment and fragile pieces. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on plastic boxes, you can opt for renting them. This is a cheap, eco-friendly way to deal

Dismantling your equipment

The next thing you will have to deal with is dismantling your equipment. Now, if you only own simple exercise equipment, like dumbbells and pull-up bar, dismantling them should be pretty straightforward. But, if you own more complicated pieces of equipment, you might have a bit rougher time. Try to find an assembly guide and simply follow it in reverse. This should give you enough input to safely dismantle your equipment.

Making an inventory list

Once you are done dismantling your equipment, we advise you to make an inventory list specifying all the parts. This will make keeping track of your equipment much easier as you will not have to remember all the separate parts. Plus, you will have an easier time unpacking if you also write down where you packed your items. So, overall, having an inventory list is a must if you want to move your home gym easily.

Pack like a pro

So, now that you’ve got your packing supplies ready and your equipment dismantled, it’s time to start packing. You need to ensure that every piece of exercise equipment goes into a properly sized container. If the container is too big, you can end up breaking your equipment as it will move around. And, if it is too little. Well, it is too little. You need to make sure that the item sits comfortably in the container. But, you do not put the item by itself. You first need to wrap it. For this, you can use your everyday clothes or old towels. Whatever you feel will provide enough support so that your items don’t get damaged when you move your home gym. This especially important to remember when moving the more fragile pieces of equipment.

Make sure to prepare your weights properly, as they can be quite brittle.

Alt: A 33lbs weight that you will have to prepare in order to move your home gym.

Find the right people to help you move your home gym

Now that you have your home gym packed and ready to go, the only thing remaining is to transport it. Now, some of you may consider transporting your items by yourself. After all, a DIY move is not unheard of, and you can probably tackle it with minimum effort, right? Wrong! In order to have a successful DIY move, you need to have the skills and tools that no amateur has. It is much better that you call a professional moving company when you need your gym equipment moved and let them deal with transportation. By doing so you will make your relocation both cheaper and easier.

Local movers

Now there are many reasons why a local moving best suited to give you a hand, and you can read all about them on sites like mastermovingguide.com. But, for now, just trust us that a local mover is your best choice. They will be able to provide you with the best possible moving service for the least amount of money. This is simply due to the fact that it takes them less time and fuel to move you, then it would any other mover.

Avoiding moving scams

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to give you a couple of hints for avoiding moving scams. Now, as you might guess, there are scams connected to almost every part of the move. From buying a new home to working with movers to getting packing supplies. And, the one best way to avoid most of them is to only work with reliable, trustworthy companies. Don’t risk working with a subpar company, even if they offer better deals. Remember to keep your relocation safe, and you will move your home gym in no time.

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