Unique and Unusual Fireplace Designs

posted by Chris Valentine

Searching online, you’ll find some cool, weird, and wacky fireplace designs that were clearly custom made. If you’re looking for fireplace buying tips, consider traditional options, but keep your mind open because fireplace design possibilities are endless.

Game of Thrones style fireplaces

If you’ve got money, you can have an elaborate custom fireplace built that resembles just about any style you like. For instance, check out these Game of Thrones style fireplaces. Some of them look like they were built hundreds of years ago and probably influenced the television series instead of the other way around, but a couple look to be recently built, especially this octopus fireplace.

The only problem with building a massive, custom fireplace is if it’s in a massive room made from stone or wood without much carpeting. That setup won’t keep you warm and you’ll need to rely on your central heat. However, if looks are a priority, that shouldn’t matter.

A crack in the wall

This interesting fireplace looks like it’s just a crack in the wall revealing some small flames behind the veneer. It’s hard to tell how this fireplace is maintained, but it’s most likely loaded from the back end on the other side of the wall.

This particular design probably wouldn’t work in most people’s homes, but if your interior design style is made from wood or even reclaimed wood, it could work.

A miniature stone tower 

What’s cool about this design is that it resembles some sort of medieval castle wall with little holes where soldiers would fire their arrows at enemies. Although not quite an exact match, it has that general vibe. Although, it doesn’t seem to match the rest of the décor in the background, so that’s a little odd.

A basic fireplace with a beautiful stone wall design 

Some people dress up their fireplace by redoing the design on the wall around it, like this interesting art piece made from rocks. Although the fireplace itself is pretty bland, the surrounding design makes it look completely unique. 

Here’s another example of a stone wall with a basic fireplace, where the wall makes the whole thing come alive. This one is pretty creative as well, with bare tree branches extending over the top of the fireplace. What makes this one odd is the hearth is elevated rather than level with the ground.

The open-mouthed Poseidon

It’s unclear what this design was supposed to emulate, but it looks like Poseidon with his mouth wide open with a fire burning inside. Apparently, making a fireplace look like the fire is inside a giant mouth is common.

Giant animal shaped fireplaces

Behold the gigantic lion head presiding over this lovely fireplace. Instead of a fire burning, this one shows a candle, and it looks like it’s being used as a decorative fireplace. It might be carved or made with a mold, but either way, it’s impressive. Although, the chairs in front don’t look that inviting to sit down for a cup of tea, but at least they match. 

If lions aren’t your thing, there’s this wolf head fireplace that looks just as menacing, but the room looks a little cozier. 

A hanging fireplace

There’s nothing wrong with hanging your fireplace from the ceiling instead of building it into the wall, other than the fact that it looks weird. This one has the potential to heat the space, since it looks more like a fancy wood stove than an actual fireplace, but it’s hard to tell from the photo.

The strangest part is the opening is pretty small, so you would definitely need to add fuel often, and if you use wood, it would need to be chopped to the size of kindling. It looks like more work than a normal-sized fireplace and would only be ideal for someone who wants to babysit the fire while relaxing in a nearby chair.

A fireplace by the breakfast table

This one is unique and pretty interesting. It looks like a breakfast table next to a long fire pit. Since it’s so open, it could be used to cook, but it’s probably just for looks. It doesn’t look like it would keep the space very warm and the table looks too low to enjoy anything but tea or coffee.

A vintage submarine fireplace 

If you can make a fireplace look like an old submarine, why wouldn’t you? This design is definitely something only a vintage submarine enthusiast would want. It sticks out pretty far from the wall and doesn’t match the aesthetics of the room from what’s visible. It’s hard to imagine this matching any interior design style, but someone out there is enjoying this fireplace right now.

What’s your dream fireplace?

What type of fireplace do you want in your home? If you can afford a custom design, go for it. If not, get a standard model and get creative with the surrounding walls and your décor. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

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