12 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Homemaker

posted by Chris Valentine

Almost every woman in the world gets married and takes up responsibility for someone else’s house. Having an entire family on their shoulders can be burdensome, especially if they know little to none about household techniques.

With time, women spot different parts of the house that can be changed or improved. However, getting the house running in the first place is a challenge. With some relevant and essential gadgets, this challenge can be made easier.

These are a few items that homemakers must have to manage their houses efficiently.

1. Swiffer Vacuums

Houses full of pets and shoes that visit all kinds of places rarely have clean floors. This proves to be problematic for homemakers, especially if they have crawling children around.

Therefore, vacuum cleaners are highly recommended for quick and efficient cleaning purposes, and far easier to use than brooms, which require comparatively more manual labor as compared to vacuum cleaners.

It sucks up several types of a mess, including dirt, chips, and debris, and is easy and fun for kids to use as well.

2. Handheld Vacuums

An electronic vacuum is perfect for dirt around the house, but what if you have to clean up your car or windowsills far from the switchboards? In this case, handheld vacuums come in handy.

A fully charged vacuum can be carried to wherever you want, from your car to the backyard, to the neat piles of dirt your children’s school shoes have left behind, and do the job for you.

3. Handheld Grater

This is one of the important kitchen equipment you’ll need in your new home to do cooking faster and easier. It works especially well for people who have a lot to do and are forced to multi-task to save time.

A handheld grater has many functions, including julienne cut and thin slices. A big plus factor in these is that everything you slice or shred is self-contained, and is stored neatly without creating a hot mess in your kitchen.

4. Portable Carpet Cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners are undeniably useful when it comes to unpleasant stains on carpets, like paint and beverages.

They are sure to provide a lot of help, especially if there are pets or newborn children around, as they help save time and energy.

5. Onion Chopper

Cooking time increases tenfold if you don’t have the proper cutting equipment. An onion chopper gives you ready to cook onions which you would otherwise spend a lot of time cutting, resulting in a tight schedule that would be too much to handle. 

6. Folding Card Table

In the beginning, one does not find much use for this, but you will be glad if you get one as these come in handy when going for picnics or having barbeques on your terrace.

It’s an exciting item for children too, who play around anywhere and everywhere. Just make sure yours has chairs too.

7. Heavy Duty Skillet

Skillets are a good investment because of good quality, heavy-duty skillet last years without any significant change in the quality, and you can cook anything in them as long as you have a decent flame.

8. Microwave

Cooking in a microwave works well for homemakers, and reduces oil usage by a gallon. Other than cooking, the multi-function microwaves can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, roasting, steaming, and much more.

9. Hand Blender

This machine makes cooking much easier as it saves you from mixing the ingredients in different bowls.

It is a multi-purpose which serves you well for things like smoothies and soups, in addition to acting as a blender to fluff up your cake batter or beat eggs.

10. Induction cook-top

This is essential for the kitchens as it remains cool no matter how hot the frying pan or pot becomes. This helps to remove food stains. It works best in small kitchens.

11. Chimney

Cooking is inevitable, no matter what else you’re doing. Chimneys prevent dust from accumulating on the walls and stove. It provides good ventilation, filtering the air in the kitchen and giving you a healthy edge as well.

12. Step Stool

Stuff which is not used often is usually kept in the higher shelves, out of sight but out of reach as well.

In situations like this, a step stool becomes necessary if you don’t have much height on you. They fold up nicely and come at a fair price.


Being a potential homemaker is nothing to be scared of. It is rather a very exciting experience that is integral for everyone to grow as a person and learn how to manage themselves independently, using the right gadgets.

If you are headed down that road soon, be sure not to miss out on any of these gadgets.

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