Is it Really Worth it to Invest in Solar Panels?

posted by Chris Valentine

With the constant effect of carbon emissions on the environment, cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy are increasingly being explored for use. Among these renewable sources, solar power is one of the most popular. In many countries around the world including Australia, solar companies are offering the option to install solar panels in homes in order to help them save on the cost of using electricity. Installing solar panels is a huge investment. There are many attractive benefits to this, but you need to look at some major factors to determine whether this is the best solution for you.

How much you pay for electricity

The first thing you must look into and consider is your current electricity usage. Your electricity usage is charged per kWh and rates can vary depending on where you live or your provider. Installing a solar panel on your roof is like having a small power plant right in your home. In general, homes with high electricity usage will benefit more in the long run by investing in solar panels. To learn more about how much you can save by using solar power, there are calculators available online to give you a better idea of the savings over time.

The cost of solar panels

The bulk of investing in solar panels goes to the fee for installation as well as the equipment that comes along with it. Yes, there are cheap solar panels available on the market today but good quality solar panels represent great value if you measure the savings you will get over a longer period of use. These days, there are sleeker solar panels made by manufacturers that want to cater to the discriminating tastes of homeowners. This is to ensure that, aesthetically, solar panels on your roof won’t look too industrial or visible.

You need to compare solar quotes offered by different solar companies near you. As much as possible look into incentives and rebates that you can get if you go this route. Check if the government offers a tax credit to homeowners that switch to solar power. This will help you save on the initial cost of installing solar panels.

Financing options

There are several ways by which you can finance your solar panels. You can either lease them or buy them. The better choice is certainly paying for it in cash, but not everyone has the amount of money to spend on solar panels. Look for offers that require no down payment. Then again, the type of financing you choose will greatly impact the amount of savings you will get in the long run. It is best to check the numbers before making a commitment.

Renewable energy is always a good choice especially if you want to do your part to save the environment. In addition to this, you have the advantage of paying less for electricity over time. Choosing solar power for your home may be an investment, but it is an excellent investment nonetheless.

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