Common Pests Found in Many Bristol Properties

posted by Chris Valentine

Plenty of homes in Bristol complain about pests such as wasps, cockroaches, and fleas. Fortunately, there are exterminators and pest control experts you can hire. The majority of companies deal with a long list of pests, while others specialise in getting rid of specific types of pests.

It’s crucial to determine the severity of the situation and the type of pest involved so you can pick the right people to handle the job. Below is a list of common household pests handled by the majority of exterminators around Bristol.

  • Rats. Rats are known as carriers of various types of diseases. You can find rats in various settings, including busy cities and farmlands. They tend to hide in the cellar, cupboards and storage rooms. If you notice signs of rat infestation, you should call in the services of Pest Control Bristol. Failure to handle rat problems can result in expensive structural damage as well as the spread of deadly diseases.

  • Mice. A mouse is smaller than a rat. Nevertheless, this small pest can wreak havoc in your house. They tend to gnaw on different materials such as clothes, insulation materials, plywood, cabinets, and even books. They tend to reproduce fast, so it’s extra crucial to handle a mouse infestation with great urgency.

  • Cockroaches. Pest exterminators often deal with roach infestations. This is because cockroaches tend to survive even in the direst conditions. They mostly live in poorly maintained areas. Most of the time, cockroaches move from one area to another via the pipes. To get rid of cockroaches, you must use the right type of pest control solution. Also, you must close gaps using caulk and keep the entire house free from food scraps or other biodegradable materials.

  • Wasps. Wasps are important for pollination. However, they become bothersome when they start building nests inside your homes or when they sting you. They’re quite aggressive so they attack when they feel intimidated. Unfortunately, getting stung by a wasp can result in a fatal body reaction. If you’re sensitive to wasps, you might suffer from anaphylactic shock.

  • Bed bugs. Nothing can be more horrible than lying on a bed that harbours hundreds to thousands of bed bugs. Getting bitten by bed bugs is definitely an unpleasant experience. It can cause severe skin irritations and other health problems. To get rid of bed bugs, you must sanitize your bedding and curtains. Use hot water when washing the items. Also, use a stiff cleaning brush to remove eggs and larvae.

  • Fleas. Folks who take care of animals such as dogs and cats mostly deal with flea problems. To get rid of fleas, you need to get to the bottom of the issue. You must treat your pets first. Take your furry friend to the vet and ask for a prescription for flea treatment. Also, you should keep your home or backyard squeaky clean. Sweep it from time to time to remove larva. You can also use flea spray to control the infestation.

It can be challenging to handle pest problems. Hence, it’s important to hire pest control professionals or perform pest management and extermination tactics as soon as possible.

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