Moving from the US to Singapore: 5 Things to Check Before Relocating to a New House

posted by Chris Valentine

Singapore is a beautiful multicultural country, but making the move from the US to Singapore can be quite daunting and a bit challenging if you don’t know what to expect. Just as is needed when moving to a new house in any situation, there are a few things that you would need to watch for and prepare before and during your move. Once you’ve set yourself a date for the relocation and chosen the city and area you’ll be moving to in Singapore, there will be a number of things to consider before leaving.

  1. Update Your Address and Contact Details

As soon as you know for certain when you’ll be making the move from the US to Singapore, you need to make sure you update your address details and contacts. If you have any ties left in the US, things like bank accounts or mail subscriptions, or even just family and friends, you would need to make sure they will be able to reach you by phone and mail. Familiarize yourself with the location you’ll be moving to and their postal codes.

  1. Ensure Your Utilities are Working Smoothly

When you move into a new house, the utilities are a key thing to watch out for. If you’ll be buying the property, then you need to have it checked for any faults or leaks. If you face any trouble with water leakage, then you should look for a trusted Plumbing Services in Singapore to do quick repairs and checks on your home before you make the move. Make sure you also have someone check the electricity cables and that you’ll be subscribed to the best utility providers when it comes to pricing and customer care services.

  1. Spray for Bugs

Singapore is a very hot country on most days of the year. With that heat, comes a lot of bugs that are unheard of in the US. The bugs are usually harmless, but who wants to live in an infested house? That’s why you should ensure your house is sprayed for any bugs or insects before you make the move.

  1. Install Phone Cables and Internet

Moving to a new country can mean that you lose touch with people you see on a daily basis. But you can avoid that by installing landline cables and internet services in your home before you even move into the new home so that you wouldn’t have to lose that connection with the people you care about back in the US.

  1. Check the Smoke Detectors

Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed in almost every household and building in the US. But that may not be the case in Singapore. You need to make sure you have those installed before you even sleep in the house for the first time. Better be safe than sorry.

Moving from the US to Singapore is a pretty big step. But it does not have to be a hard one. All you would need to do once you’re set on a travel date and a house you love is to go through a checklist of all the essential things you need to have done before the big move. Thus, the above mentioned are the things to check before relocating to a new house from US to Singapore.

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