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Why Hair Transplant Is so Popular in Singapore?

posted by Chris Valentine

Receding hairline- most commonly known as balding- signal high testosterone levels, which holds good news for men and bad news for women as this entails macho masculinity. But on the downside, just like the dreaded beer belly, receding hairline gives an older look and that is something many of us are trying to fight.

So if you have noticed your hair getting thinner or have seen some empty patches on your scalp, chances are you have given vitamins, massaging scalp oils, and serums a try but with no time or money worthy results. You are not alone in this! Not only do those remedies require a long time to show significant improvement, they do more of keeping the more hair from falling than stimulating the growth of new hair. Not to mention the fact that using such traditional remedies show varying results according to your genes, age, lifestyle, and usage duration. That is, of course, in addition to some supplements’ most popular side effects where hair grows all over your body, not just your head!

You’ll find that the people in Singapore in particular have taken quite a liking to opting for hair transplants. But why is that? Here, we will go over the options provided, and you’ll get a good idea and understanding over why this procedure is so popular in Singapore.

Hair Transplant procedures in Singapore

Permanent Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant: Unlike popular belief, hair transplantation doesn’t happen using one follicle at a time, but in units of three to four hair follicles which compose the follicular unit. This most commonly used manual hair transplant procedure happens using your own hair, where the doctor would remove follicular units from the back or sides of your head and implants them to the balding areas on the scalp.

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

Uses robotic advanced technology to aid in the extraction and implantation treatment process. The most used system is the ARTAS Robotic which delivers more area-concentrated and accurate treatment promising less extractions and better filling in the empty areas than the manual FUE.

Micro-graft Hair Growth Treatment

is less invasive and doesn’t involve any extractions from the back or sides of your scalp. This procedure works by injecting regenerative cells from the healthy areas on your scalp to other areas with less or no hair. The Micro-graft costs less money than both aforementioned options as it is not a surgery, but more of a treatment that calls for no downtime and you will get to see clear results within a month duration on average.

Minimal Downtime

When having a busy schedule that doesn’t give you the luxury of nesting in your home till healing kicks in or for results to show, hair transplant Singapore are crafted in a professional way to meet that concern. Usually, people with zero time to rest resort to the Micro-graft treatment, but for quicker results manual and robotic FUE are your way to go. You will get to see results with a very minimal downtime. Moreover, if you decide to go for FUE hair transplant, the procedure time depends on the number of follicular units implanted, which takes on average between 5 to 8 hours, but of course, robotic is always faster than manual FUE. It is important to know that immediately after the surgery, your new hairline will be visible to you and will continue to grow as the months pass, as hair only grows 1 cm/month. After six months you can take your new hair to a hair stylist to trim and cut as you please.

Cost effective

It is of no surprise than over 1000 people file requests for hair transplant due to its reasonable cost and reliable results. On average, a hair transplant procedure would cost between $6,000 to $10,000 depending on your condition and areas of concern which is on the affordable side compared to the same procedures performed elsewhere in the world. The cost of hair treatment should be compared to visible results that doesn’t force you to go through the same hassle again and pay more.

Many hair salons are currently offering hair treatment services that promise permanent hair growth with much cheaper prices but those treatments failed to make it to scientific evidence. But if you are after quick and reliable results to get the hairline you want, there are more than one option to meet your needs with minimal downtime and money well-spent results. All that is left for you to do is research a good doctor, in a good clinic, with amazing real reviews.

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