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What’s Your Flavor? Here Are the 3 Best Vape Flavors That Fit Your Personality

posted by Chris Valentine

The quest for the finest e-juice flavor is one not seemingly ending soon. However, it is also full flavors that are uniquely delicious. From the mouth-watering fruity tastes and irresistibly sweet desserts to devilishly great cocktails as well as cereal-inspired flavors; you’ll always find this quest quite fulfilling.

More than any other area, however, the flavor in e-liquids is highly subjective. Therefore, saying that one particular blend is better is more like claiming the best meal in a specific food item. Just when you thought you cannot find any better flavor, the next person will recoil at the slenderest taste of the flavor. The list below was compiled after a survey from vapers was done to get their best e-liquid flavors.

USA Blend

If are looking for an e-juice flavor to bring out the cowboy in you, then the clean and bold musky flavor in the USA blend will turn you on. This is also ideal for the traditional electronic cigarettes lovers that fruity flavors don’t appeal to.

Gummi Bear

This is one of the richly inspired blends, of the widely held Gummi Bear shot. Unlike the USA blend, this is best suited for those who have a taste for the fruitier flavors. It gives a similar taste to candy gummi bear but with the whole satisfaction its inspiration drink. Just to leave out the calories and hangover that may come with the drink.

Banana Nut Bread

This e cigarette flavor will leave you in rumination over how mum would make it! It’s even better than that. The rich flavor gives so much satisfaction without the carbs.

These are just three of the most popular brands according to the vapers that were polled in the survey. But what’s your flavor really? Or better still, how do you choose one? If you are still on the fence about your best e-juice flavor, you may want to consider some insights discussed below.

Know About PG/VG

If you have been keen when shopping for vape juice, you’ll notice that the preponderance of blends indicate different content for PG/VG and levels of nicotine. And one of the first questions asked by first-time buyers is about the meaning of PG/VG ration.

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are both colorless and odorless liquids. They make the foundation for almost all blends of e-juice. However, they are used in different ratios. While they serve the same purpose, the PG and VG have a few differences. It is important to understand this when determining your favorite blend.

Select the Right Nicotine Content for You

It is typical for e-juices to have different levels of nicotine strengths. Different brands have a spectrum of different choices. Nonetheless, most of the brands today will allow you to choose the ideal nicotine strength for your favorite e cigarette flavor. At the same time, the bottles used to hold vape juice are often labeled with their respective nicotine strengths. This makes it easy to find a blend that is more suited to your specific preferences and needs.

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