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Popular (and Strange) Christmas Toys Throughout the Years

posted by Chris Valentine

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

It’s getting to be that time of year again… Christmas is one of the busiest holidays of the years especially for parents as they try to find the right toys for their children. Prices for popular toys can quickly skyrocket as the year’s hit item flies off shelves, leaving parents wondering what to do. Whether it’s toys and electronics, or shoes and clothing, Christmas shopping can easily become a major expense. Fortunately with a little searching you can find some help saving money, like with these Debenhams Voucher codes.

While having extra help saving money and sticking to your budget is great, we still can’t figure out why people decided to spend their hard-earned cash on some of these popular – and strange – Christmas toys in the first place.

Furby was a furry electronic creature that was designed to talk. It spoke in ‘Furbish’ but it was also able to learn English. Once the toy learned English, it would speak loving words to its owner.

Tickle Me Elmo
This was one of the most popular Christmas toys several years ago. It is a stuffed animal that was designed to laugh when a kid presses its stomach.

Barbie and Tanner
Barbie is a popular toy among kids but this version included a dog called Tanner. A dog may not seem out of the ordinary but this pet actually pooped. The toy company designed brown treats for the dog. When the dog was fed on these treats, it actually pooped and Barbie had a poop scooper to clean up after her pet.

GoBots Rock Lords
In the late 1980s, a toy company designed something that people could actually get in their backyards or the park. GoBots Rock Lord was a pet rock that was designed to transform into a robot.

Madballs was a toy that featured several weird character designs. Some of the characters had exposed brains and pulsing eyeballs. It is scary to think that this toy was actually designed with children in mind.

Food Chain Friends
Food Chain Friends is a toy that depicts friends eating each other. The designer probably thought it was a good idea to teach children about food chains using a toy. However, teaching children that friends can eat each other is strange.

Pregnant Barbie
Barbie has always been a popular option for parents shopping for Christmas holiday. The designers try to come up with unique designs each year and the pregnant Barbie was one of the strangest models. It explains the birthing process, which seems inappropriate for young children.

Pee and Poo
A toy company actually came up with something to depict human waste. Pee and Poo are two characters in yellow and brown to represent poop and urine. This is definitely a strange toy idea.

Monkey from Toy Story 3
Monkey toys tend to be cute but this particular one has a scary expression on its face. This would definitely scare a kid.

Pogo Balls
Pogo balls were designed to allow kids to bounce around and they came in different colors. It is a strange toy because the balls require big feet to allow kids to balance.

Kids will always want the popular Christmas toys that they see on the commercials even if they do not make any sense. Some of the toys can be interesting at first while others are simply inappropriate for young kids.

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