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8 Essential Cleaning Supplies Every Office Cleaning Kit Needs

posted by Chris Valentine

Aside from the home, the workplace is where you spend the most amount of time. As such, it’s important to keep the place clean and orderly not just for productivity’s sake, but also for the employees’ health and safety. Keeping a hygienic space can prevent the spread of infections and diseases while maintaining order.

Every office needs essential cleaning supplies for a more efficient housekeeping environment. Check the list to see if you have everything on hand for your cleaning crew.

Mops – As everyone knows, mops are used to clean the floors and other surfaces. However, did you know that it comes in a lot of varieties? There are disposable and re-washable types of mops, as well as electrical and the ordinary manually operated mops. Some of the most commonly used mops in the office are flat mops for light and everyday tidying up, sponge mops for cleaning tiles and uneven surfaces, and dust mops for cleaning high ceilings and fixtures.

Broom and Duster – When choosing a broom and duster, it’s ideal to look for those with longer handles. They are more ergonomic, which means the cleaner don’t have to bend so low to use them. The material and construction should also be a factor since these cleaning tools are commonly used in everyday cleaning. A stainless steel handle with additional features such as teeth for cleaning the bristles will also come in handy.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Your office cleaning tool kit won’t be complete without a microfiber towel for all-around use. Even without other cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, and brushes, some of the best microfiber towels out there can take their place. The material is safe for all surfaces, even glass and electronic devices. Unlike ordinary cloths, dust doesn’t just get pushed around but it actually clings to the cloth instead for a truly clean wiping.

Trash Bags – It’s important to contain garbage in reliable trash bags that won’t easily tear. For eco-friendly solutions, you can opt to choose biodegradable garbage bags or compostable bags in lining the bins.

All-Purpose Cleansers – While there are endless options of chemical cleaning solutions available in the market, you can also jump on the organic bandwagon for your cleaning products. There are a number of benefits to going for organic products. First, you lessen the pollutants in the atmosphere and waterways. Next, organic solutions like baking soda and vinegar are gentler on the skin and office finishes. Finally, they are cost effective. Compare the cost of a gallon of vinegar to conventional cleaning formulas and you’ll realize how much you can save by going organic.

Gloves – As a safety precaution for cleaners, you need to provide disposable gloves. Gloves ensure that germs and other disease-causing microbes don’t get transferred to your staff. In addition, gloves also ensure that their skin is protected from chemical exposure. This is critical even if they do use organic cleansers.

Brushes – For stubborn dirt and stains, brushes with hard bristles are a must. This is especially true when cleaning the toilet and tiled areas of your office. You need to provide high-quality, durable brushes that are specifically used for the toilet, tiles, and the kitchen. It’s important not to use brushes for the toilet in the kitchen and vice-versa to avoid contaminating different areas.

Glass Cleaners – The office features a lot of glass surfaces that invite handprints all throughout the day. Without proper cleaning, they turn cloudy, adding a lot of age and wear to any space. While you can use a traditional squeegee, a handy trick is to use newspapers or coffee filters to keep the mirrors and glass looking squeaky clean and shiny.

Your office cleaning supplies really depends on the size of your office space, the number of people, and the nature of the business. Regardless, these are the basic tools and cleaning solutions that you most probably need to keep your workplace as pristine as possible. Check your closet and see if you have missing items that can make your office be a cleaner and healthier place to work in.

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