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3 Secrets for First Time Investors in Marijuana

posted by Chris Valentine

Investing in marijuana stocks is becoming a lure for both established investors and those who are new to the stock game but know something about the industry. Just as it is with other types of particular products, it is not necessary to know anything about the controversial substance in order to invest. It is clearly an investment opportunity that is still relatively on the ground floor, which is where all investors want to begin in a trending opportunity with high growth potential. There are specific elements of the cannabis industry to evaluate, but knowing which investments are lowest risk can be difficult. The entire supply chain will need filling as more states add medical marijuana as legal options for residents, and especially if states begin to jump on the bandwagon with legalization of possessing small amounts. Here are a few issues to consider before making a huge investment into any one option.

1. Significant Risks Still Exist
While the upside potential is surely present, it would still be easy to invest too much capital in one particular entity at the beginning. Even when the risk appears low, a good decision would be to start minimally and work up to a more sustainable investment level as the dynamics stabilize. Taking the time to learn how to invest in marijuana will be a necessary step for many. Marijuana investing is still a new platform, and states that have already legalized at least medical marijuana are not exactly finished tweaking what will be the final state operational model. Additionally, new operations in newly legalized states will still be a risky investment in the early stages. Penny stocks may be a good start to consider while learning about the industry.

2. Illegality Still Matters
All companies are concerned with the future direction of their market when they are generating enormous cash and seeing solid profit, and cannabis companies are no different. However, the fact that selling marijuana is still illegal federally can be problematic. Choosing to invest in a major company that has shown steadily increasing returns is the most sound investment currently, and especially if they have conducted in-depth research and development. Two of the largest cannabis companies have actually calculated an algorithm to determine when Congress will finally end marijuana prohibition, which will assuredly help stabilize the market dramatically. Perform some personal research, and be sure your investment selection is focused on long-term growth.

3. Company Overviews Can Help the Selection Process
There will be multiple levels of the supply chain in every state as new states legalize marijuana. Some companies will be growing product, some companies will be distributors, and retail companies will sell to the public at large. And you can be sure that regulations will abound before the states are through setting all bureaucratic policy. California has actually even implemented a personal growing limit for those who already have the expertise, but there could be private companies that are not exactly in compliance. Research the particular investment opportunity, and always remember that the black market will still be operating. After all, it is a plant that can be grown indoors and rather obscurely using modern technology.

These are just a few of the secrets to getting started in learning how to invest in marijuana, and there will surely be changes along the way as new states follow the trend and Congress considers full implementation of ending marijuana prohibition nationally. This could very well happen as we head into a very contentious election cycle. Just like any other investment opportunity, understanding the dynamics of the industry will become even more important as time goes on and states set new parameters. The time to start learning is now before the industry takes off exponentially.

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