6 childhood toys that have become collector’s items

posted by Chris Valentine

As some people tend to say, some things tend to get better with age, just like fine wine. In this case, we would be talking about childhood toys, some of which have been found to be worth a fortune now. One of them you could consider would be to purchase diecast cars directly. So, if you still have some lying around at home, it would be best to dig them out from the old storage boxes and see how much they would be worth now.

Vintage Barbie

It would go without saying that Barbies could be found everywhere, till this date. However, if you had one of the original ones, that too in good condition, then you could find yourself smiling all the way to the bank. One particular one would be the 1959 edition which could still be found to be in good condition, then you might find yourself sitting on a pile of good money today.

Nintendo Gameboy

If you would be reading this and were happy to find Gameboy to make the list, consider yourself to be lucky. So, if you would have found it difficult to part ways with your Gameboy over the years, then it might be high time that your nostalgia would pay off. imply login into online sites to find out how much these things would be worth now.

On the other hand, if you would have the diamond-encrusted, gold-plated, and bling-filled limited edition Game Boy, then consider yourself to have won a major jackpot. Now that would be an amount that you would be willing to settle down for.

Original Furby

Grandparents and parents have lined up outside of stores, and Santa would also admit to having received more requests for Furby than any other children’s toys. Ever since then, the hype has still managed to continue. However, instead of queueing outside of stores, people would now be eagerly waiting for these things to introduce themselves on online buy and sell platforms like eBay.

Luke Skywalker

Even though it would be hard to believe, currently there are only 20 original action figures of Luke Skywalker all over the world. This means that if you would have one of the original 1978 Luke Skywalker action figures, then consider yourself gold. In fact, you could practically consider yourself to be the Bill Gates in the toy market.

Nintendo 64 games

Another childhood toy that has successfully become collectors’ items would be Harvest Moon 64. Even though this particular game was never mass produced, but it enjoyed a loyal base of customers, thereby helping in adding financial interest over the years.


Monopoly would be considered to be one of the few games that has managed to cause more late nights and family fights than any other kind of board games. However, it also possesses the ability to get you super rich overnight. So, if you would have a 1993 original version that was painted and hand-drawn by the creator himself, you would be able to make yourself some good money.

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