Which TV Shows Has Roger Wolfson Worked On?

posted by Chris Valentine

If there is anyone who understands the importance of words, both written and spoken, it’s Roger Wolfson. The multi-talented writer’s career has covered everything from law and politics to activism for over 20 years now. While originally training in law, Wolfson transitioned to TV writing somewhat accidentally after becoming an advisor on the Law and Order set, through which his writing talents were revealed, after he had previously completed a master’s degree in writing. Since then, his flair for writing has appeared across multiple TV shows. These are the shows where Roger Wolfson’s words have been heard.

Century City (2004)

Blending science fiction and law, Century City was one of Wolfson’s first TV writing gigs. Aired on CBS back in 2004, the show saw stars such as Viola Davis, Ioan Gruffudd and Hector Elizondo tackle law cases such as cloning and genetic profiling in a futuristic 2030 world. Wolfson wrote the show’s 2nd episode ‘To Know Her’. Although the series was cancelled early on, it provided Wolfson with a break into the TV industry with more opportunities coming his way.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2004)

Another early break into the industry for Wolfson, his writing skills provided the script for ‘Conscience’, a powerful episode in the show’s sixth season covering a child kidnapping and a suspected paedophile murderer. Roger is also credited as being a story editor through the sixth season, thanks to his law background.

The Closer (2005)

Wolfson’s work on TNT’s The Closer was another indication of his writing skills. It was the gripping sixth episode ‘Fantasy Date’ of the first season that saw Kyra Sedgewick, the star of the police drama, nominated for her first Emmy award. Her highly-praised performance as LAPD deputy chief Brenda Leigh Johnson solving a tense rape and murder case, was elevated by Roger Wolfson’s script. Wolfson also served as story editor for multiple episodes. 

Saving Grace (2007 – 2009)

For two years, Wolfson then went on to lend his talent to another TNT show, Saving Grace, serving as writer and story editor. When season two premiered in 2008, reviews came in saying the show was at the top of its game, in addition to The Closer which Wolfson had previously worked on. 

Fairly Legal (2012)

In 2012, Wolfson not only acted as a consulting producer for the whole of the second season of USA Network’s legal comedy-drama, but also wrote episode nine ‘Kiss Me Kate’. His work in law and politics no doubt helping his producing role.  

After leaving Fairly Legal, Wolfson has worked on his own TV projects, successfully selling original series to the likes of Sony and ABC. He also serves as a writer and showrunner for Crackle. 

These TV shows only touch the surface of Roger Wolfson’s contributions to the entertainment industry and beyond. Throughout all of his career so far, though, whether that is TV writing, political speechwriting or sharing his knowledge with writers in the making, it is certain that Roger Wolfson has a way with words.

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