The Absolute Best TV Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s summertime and it’s hot. The kids are out of school and they need something to do. Why not figure out the best TV shows to binge-watch this season?

In 2015, “binge-watch” was chosen as the Collins’ dictionary Word of the Year. Entertainment streaming platforms have completely transformed the way we consume TV shows and movies. Sometimes all the choices on these platforms can give a viewer decision fatigue.

To save time, check out the list of binge-worthy TV shows below!

Binge Watching Horror

Netflix has some of the best horror shows to binge-watch. These include Netflix original series, like Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House.

The Haunting of Hill House currently only has one season to binge, but the second season, The Haunting of Bly Manor, should be out this year. Stranger Things has three seasons available on Netflix, which the fourth also coming out this year.

Binge Watching Drama

Who can forget the iconic show Breaking Bad? You can binge all five of its dramatic seasons on Netflix. This streaming platform also hosts the satisfying sequel movie to this series, El Camino.

A newer TV drama that’s getting rave reviews is the series Dead to Me, also on Netflix. You can binge Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in an unlikely friendship for two seasons before you get stuck waiting for the next one to drop.

Binge Watching Comedy

Comedic TV shows are great for binging because they are often long-running series with plenty of episodes per season. Parks and Recreation is a great example of that. This series has seven seasons with a total of 126 episodes, all available on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

If your connection is shoddy, make sure to contact these TV antenna services to get through all the episodes without a problem.

Binge Watching Science Fiction

Most of today’s science fiction TV shows have to do with technology. HBO Max and Hulu have two of the most interesting sci-fi shows out right now: Westworld and Devs.

Devs may only have one season to binge, but getting to the end is satisfying. Westworld has three seasons ready to watch.

Binge Watching Fantasy

In the past, fantasy may have seemed like a genre for kids, but today it includes some of the goriest and most sexually explicit shows out there. Games of Thrones and The Witcher are a couple of the most famous.

On HBO Max, you can find the complete eight seasons of Game of Thrones to power through. Unfortunately, there’s only one season of The Witcher available on Netflix, but it’s greenlit for a second season.

More of the Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

The list of the best TV shows to binge-watch is practically endless. There are more streaming platforms than ever before, and they all have different distribution deals. This means that you will find different TV shows on different platforms.

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