Top 4 Rare Things to Collect

posted by Chris Valentine

Being a collector is an exciting hobby to pick up. You spend your downtime hunting down rare collector’s items and caring for those already in your collection. This is both exciting and fun. 

That aside, some collectors’ items gain value over time, meaning if done correctly, you just might end up making yourself a small fortune over time. 

If you have been thinking about new fun activities, look no further than becoming a collector

Here, we bring you four top rare things you can collect. 

1. Miniature Cars

If you can’t afford to collect the actual vehicles and stash them in your garage, miniature cars are the next best thing. If you love cars and love to follow the goings-on in the motor world, this is a great option for you. 

Aside from scouting and buying miniature cars, you also need to take good care of them while they are in your possession. If you are just starting, follow this link: don’t wait to find a rare die-cast car much longer than you have to. 

2. Comics

Comic books are collected for appreciation, nostalgia, completing collections, and financial gain. 

Comic books are valuable as single books. However, having an entire collection or series stacks up the value. 

If you are collecting to sell, later on, you need to care for them perfectly. This means minimal handling, including reading and more storage. 

3. Coins

If you read up on valuable coins and currencies, you begin to realize how valuable specific items are. 

However, most of what you find around or in your piggy bank are regular old coins. 

It’s rather disheartening to think you have something of value only to find out you don’t. However, once you get your hands on your first valuable coin, nothing can stop you. 

4. Dolls and Toys

The funny thing about doll and toy collectors is that they rarely have one of two dolls: they tend to have a whole bunch of them. 

The interest in dolls is highly dynamic, meaning different dolls will keep coming and going out of fashion. Beanie babies are a good example of these.

Antique dolls always have a strong market, and they are much easier to liquate than regular dolls. Again, dolls that belong to the same series will sell more as a collection than they do individually. This is what the goal should be when it comes to collectibles. 

Get Started

Once you find a collector’s item of choice, research and find as much information about it as possible. The field, as you may know, is laden with scammers. Learn everything you can so that you are able to tell genuine items from fake ones. 

Once you begin collecting, ensure proper storage, as this is one way to preserve value. 

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