3 Tips for Finding Empire Strategy Games to Pass the Time

posted by Chris Valentine

Unlike most genres in gaming, empire strategy games are a great way to pass your time especially when you are together with your friends. Each time, you would try to outplay your colleague and build an empire that outweighs theirs. As we tried to look for better ways to find the best empire strategy games, my friend sent across this article which has some golden nuggets that I found very useful.

List of Best 10 Mobile Empire Games

There are several ways to get better at playing empire strategy games. Having read through it, I found some useful tips in the above article and here’s what I found most valuable in it.

Choose an empire gaming made that resonates your playing style

Whether you decide to play Age of Empires or Forge of Empires, all empire games have a different versions of wargame strategy. Additionally, certain games specifically have modes that you can choose from ranging from robust empire building options to RPG style with puzzles and quests coming along the way. Certain games even go to the extent of offering you the option of designing your own army that has its own dashboard making it even more thrilling and exciting.

You could also choose a setting based on your personal preferences. For example, Age of Empires can be set to be played in a Middle Ages theme or even in a Roman Empire-like environment. Certain other games also allow you to set futuristic setting such as space empire games. Either way, choosing that matches your style is really going to make the empire game more delightful.

Read through expert tips & tutorials for specific empire games

If your objective of playing an empire game is to command and conquer, you really need to understand its dynamics. Even the most expert players can get stuck sometimes. Certain empire gaming apps also provides tips and clues along the way which can be helpful to get you up to speed.

Alternatively, if you want to be really good at a particular empire game, research online to check if they have articles or forums. Reading through them can provide great insights on tricks that would other slip through your mind very easily. Some forums such as Goodgame forum connect like-minded players and support each other to build kingdoms and share a defense calculator when you’re in the process of building an army.

Take advantage of the game cheats & secrets

Some games take it a step further to hack the games to give you the additional advantage. If you have friends over and you’re playing in a multiplayer mode, this would be a great opportunity for you to show off your skills. Unlike most simulation games, empire games are built in a manner that helps you gain advantage distinctively within a short span of time. Therefore, being aware of these game cheats & secrets, you can definitely up your game.

These are available for those who truly scour through the forums and experiment with several possible cheat codes. These codes have the ability to provide you with more money, unlock certain in-game resources or even get you through certain levels. Either way, it’s a great shortcut to get you to building stronger kingdoms with better armies and building up your weaponry that is no match to others.


Empire games are always an exciting genre of games to play, especially when you have time to pass. It involves strategic thinking and careful analysis of your opponents, which if done right can help you build a strong army that lets you continuously grow the empire that you’ve ever dream of building. Show off the newly learnt skills to impress your friends the next time you meet them. Happy gaming!

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