CXR to Titan Swap by Dr. Andrew Kramer Urology

posted by Chris Valentine

Baltimore penile implant surgeon Dr. Andrew Kramer received a patient from Oklahoma complaining about problems stemming from his CXR penile prosthesis. To resolve the patient’s issues, the CXR had to be swapped out for a Titan penile implant.

The CXR and Titan implants

The CXR implant is an inflatable penile prosthesis that sees wide usage today thanks to the benefits it offers, which include controlled penis length and girth expansion. Unfortunately, in this specific case, the implant was unable to meet the patient’s expectations. This was due to the device’s narrow tips being uneven, its pump being positioned slightly higher along the shaft than necessary, and the reservoir not having enough fluid—all factors that had unfavorable effects on the ability of the device to function as intended. While the previous surgeon did everything they could with the small space they had, the only solution to the patient’s problem was to remove the CXR implant and replace it with a more ideal device.

Dr. Andrew Kramer, urology, saw the Titan penile implant as the optimal replacement for the CXR. The Titan implant is a popular choice among medical professionals as a long-term erectile dysfunction treatment. An inflatable device made from silicone and Bioflex, the Titan implant comes with a number of features designed to enhance penile function. It provides improved rigidity and girth and emulates the performance and appearance of a natural erection. It boasts a unique cloverleaf reservoir that safeguards against issues such as auto inflation. Its pump is also easy to locate and use, with a button that only needs to be momentarily compressed to transfer fluid out of the cylinders for deflation purposes.

Switching to Titan

Swapping the CXR out for the Titan was a quick, safe, and simple procedure.

To accommodate the Titan’s greater size, the narrow space filled by the CXR required upsizing. Dr. Andrew Kramer inflated said space by pumping up the CXR’s reservoir. Incisions were then made to the tissue covering the CXR to allow convenient access to the implant.

Removing the implant left the expanded space ready to receive the Titan device. This time, Dr. Andrew Kramer made sure the replacement implant was inserted correctly, with tips that were evenly and symmetrically positioned in the penis and moved all the way up to mid-glans. Fewer rear tips were also used. 

The newer, larger reservoir in the form of the Titan’s cloverleaf was inserted into the aforementioned space. The patient previously complained about the CXR’s reservoir not having enough fluid; fortunately, the Titan’s cloverleaf design can hold a greater amount of fluid.

With the Titan completely inserted, Dr. Andrew Kramer then worked on stitching the incisions close. Last but not least, he tested the pump to make certain it worked properly.

As expected, the patient’s penis saw a massive upgrade in girth and length thanks to the Titan implant. The device also allowed the penis to expand and go rigid as it would with a natural erection. In other words, the CXR-to-Titan swap was a success—for both Dr. Andrew Kramer and the patient.

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