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Everything you need to know about Cannabis Sativa

posted by Chris Valentine

Investing in marijuana stocks could be a challenge for speculators who know very little about cannabis. There are multiple strands of both primary plant types, and there is clearly the technology available to make multiple products that will allow effective use without the traditional concept of smoking the substance. The psychoactive ingredient in all forms of marijuana is technically known as tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly called THC, and it can be manufactured into several product varieties.

Potential products can actually include a powder, but this could be a restricted form after all bureaucratic policy is determined through out the states. Although the use of products that include THC is still federally outlawed, there are still many legal products being developed and scheduled for market positioning that use a CBD base.

There are over 100 chemicals identified as cannabinoids, and there will assuredly be multiple uses for the products as they are developed in the future. And future is what all investors are evaluating. While cannabis indica is a very popular and even stronger sedative marijuana plant, the most prominent strain of marijuana is cannabis sativa. And it is the most common cannabis plant found among all product derivatives using THC.

How Sativa Differs From Indica
The short description of the difference in impacts is that indica is considered to be more effective for the body. Indica has a tendency to induce sleep and invigorate the appetite of the user. Sativa strains tend to deliver a more active and energetic effect with more focus on the psychoactive aspect associated with using cannabis.

The marijuana business management professionals at Cannabis Sativa, Inc. know that when customers go to the pharmacy looking for a product, the sales clerk will typically ask them the type of effect that they are expecting. The company develops their cannabis sativa products with this question in mind.

Multiple Active Ingredients
The fact that cannabis sativa is typically more psychoactive than cannabis indica could come from the plant chemical makeup, as there are over 500 more specific identified compounds in the sativa plant that can make it much for effective as a mood elevator or anxiety reliever. This potential application is also what drives the demand for this particular option for customers and patients.

The demand associated with the more popular and wider variety of uses makes investors particularly interested in cannabis sativa because the market is really just now developing. Over the long run, cannabis sativa use will assuredly be on the incline.

Knowing the product you are investing in is important regardless of the stock option. And it is also vital to invest in an established company or corporation that has conducted the necessary research and development into their product line.

There is still plenty of risk associated with investing in cannabis sativa, but the different strains of cannabis within the sativa family will make it central to all marijuana product development. And the number of practical medical uses for certain types of cannabis sativa products will certainly be growing over time.

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