Photo Day Treatments

posted by Chris Valentine

So you have this really important photo op coming up in the next few months. You think you look great, but there’s just something a little off about your appearance. It can be the smallest thing, like a little blemish, the tiniest sun spot or just a really annoying wrinkle that won’t go away. Sure, you can just ignore it and not think about it too much, but in the back of your mind, you’ll always remember that there’s something you’re not comfortable with.

If you have an important event coming up, there are several cosmetic procedures out there to help you get ready for anything. Treatments like microneedling or Botox injection and plenty of others work efficiently and will have your face ready for the next big social gathering, interview, and of course, photo session.

By learning about the following fast-acting, yet super effective treatments, you can be ready for anything that comes your way. And this information was provided to us by Skinly Aesthetics, a medical cosmetic center that’s worked with a myriad of patients who were preparing for all kinds of major events. If you find any of the treatments interesting, make sure to give them a call and learn more about their offers.

1. Dermal Fillers

This is a very popular form of anti-aging for the face. The dermal filler compound is a specially engineered gel, designed to lift up the skin. This may seem a bit confusing at first, since who just wants to have a puffy face? But this is not at all what fillers do.

Our skin, when still young, effortlessly clings to the many contours and edges of our faces, since it’s still tight and strong. But as it ages over time it becomes less plump. This causes it to droop and sag in certain areas, like most prominently, under the eyes, cheeks, on the forehead and around the mouth. This saginness not only creates the many wrinkles you see on your face, but also gives it a very tired appearance, which is even more visible in photos.

When dermal fillers are injected into key areas of the face, where the gel spreads out and lifts the skin, it tightens and strengthens it once more. This makes you look young and refreshed, smoothing out the wrinkles on the surface above. It doesn’t puff up the skin in any way, but rather lifts and makes it look smoother.

One of the biggest advantages of filler based procedures, is that the results appear almost instantaneously. Some patients report seeing a visible improvement in their skin quality immediately after the procedure, on the same day. And even if it doesn’t happen that fast, you’ll notice it within the first couple of days.

This is great for patients who need last minute improvements. Dermal fillers work fast, but also bring out some truly amazing results.

2. Botox

The Botox injection is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures on the market. It’s become so popular that many people use the word “Botox” as an umbrella term for all kinds of cosmetic treatments. But in reality Botox is a very specific kind of procedure and it works in a very unique manner.

Many skin smoothing methods use your skin’s elasticity and flexibility to make it tighter and look younger, like dermal fillers. But Botox works on a different layer of your body, that being the muscle. The botulinum toxin is capable of paralyzing certain nerves in your face that under normal circumstances cause facial muscles to contract. This continuous creasing along a single line of contraction is what causes wrinkles to form on the face.

But when Botox soothes this tension in the muscles, the skin above gets smoother. As a result, the wrinkles disappear, but without having to physically stretch out the skin, as dermal fillers do. The Botox injection is very safe, as the compound is administered to deactivate specific nerve endings, which are responsible for the constant contraction in the facial muscles.

And, of course, Botox works very fast, with many clients claiming to have seen positive results within the first couple of days following the procedure. With refreshed skin that is smooth and vibrant, these patients can all agree that Botox is one of the best cosmetic treatments on the market. You can see the results for yourself on any clinic’s website.

3. Microneedling

Unlike the other two treatments, this method of skin smoothing doesn’t involve any compounds. Sure, there are needles being poked into the surface of the skin, but they’re not used to inject anything. The holes themselves smooth out the skin.

When cells are damaged, our skin naturally repairs them by replacing damaged or dead cells with new, and stronger ones. This happens completely naturally and is one of skin’s unique regenerative abilities. Microneedling takes advantage of this regeneration.

It utilizes a specialized needle gun, which pokes hundreds of microscopic holes into the surface of the skin. The needles are really small and short, so they don’t cause any extensive harm to the skin, but just enough that its regenerative functions can activate. Once the holes are made, the skin then replaces the missing or damaged skin cells with new ones.

This technique can be used to smooth out some wrinkles, but it primarily works best against acne scars, uneven or jagged surfaces, and in general restores freshness to the skin. It acts really fast, with some results showing up within a couple days and the full effects are visible in 4 to 6 weeks.

It takes longer than the previous two for the final results to set in, but the advantage of microneedling is that nothing is synthetic or artificial. It makes use of your body’s own natural abilities, which means no chances of any allergic reactions and a short recovery time.

And after the microneedling, you’ll feel just how smooth and supple your skin can get, as your fingertips glide along its surface. This can not only be felt by touch, but your skin will also be visibly fresh and smooth to eye, whether it’s in a selfie or in person.

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