Top Tips for Your Weight Loss Plan

posted by Chris Valentine

Weight Loss

Many of us would like to lose a little bit of weight, some of us would like to lose a lot and despite the numerous crazy diets there are out there, the best method in doing this is a simple healthy eating plan and regular exercise. The type of plan that you come up with should be particular to you, the type of foods which you are happy to eat and the intensity of exercise that you are able to do but there are some characteristics and tips that you are going to need to follow in order to be successful in your weight loss plan, here are some things for your consideration.


Without question, if you’re not committed to your plan then you are going to fail, it is vital that you remain dedicated to your weight loss at all times and don’t take your foot off the gas. It can be easy to stay focussed in the beginning, you will be full of vim and vigor at your new plan and attack it with gusto, the problems can arise after a few weeks however and this is when you need to be strongest. Try to visualize the new you, even buy some smaller clothes to give you an idea of what you will be able to look like once you’ve shifted the weight, this can help you stay on track. Another idea is to tell family and friends about your plan, this way you will feel more inclined to stick with it, there’s nothing worse than public shaming and this will keep you committed.

Look for Help, Not Shortcuts

Crash dieting is a short term solution that will not serve you well in the long term, shortcuts like these will not do you any favors at all. Using different methods to help your weight loss however is just fine, whether you use supportive programs like Le-Vel Thrive, hire a personal trainer or use fat burning supplements is up to you and you shouldn’t feel guilty about this, there is a great difference between supporting your hard work and avoiding it.


Try to find others who are looking to lose weight as well, this could be friends, family or even someone at your gym, working as part of a team can inspire your success and help to keep your plan on track. When you approach weight loss in a team it can give you someone to speak to about your progress, someone to work out with and someone to give you encouragement when you feel weak.

Mistakes Happen

During your weight loss journey, mistakes will happen where you eat too much, skip the gym for a few days, drink a bottle of wine that you weren’t supposed to. Doing this isn’t going to bring your World crashing down, they are just momentary set backs and you should look at them as nothing more than this. If you do happen to slip up then forget it and get back to your plan the following day, the worst thing you could do would be to throw your plan out of the window because of one mistake.

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