5 Ways A White Noise Machine Helps You Sleep Better

posted by Chris Valentine

Everyone should make sleep a priority for their overall health and wellbeing. If you lack proper rest it leads to less focus, increase in accidents as you will have a slow reaction time and impaired memory, among other things. Therefore, you must get enough and quality sleep to function at your best. Adding things in the bedroom like a white noise machine, a quality purple mattress, block-out curtains helps in achieving a night of good sleep. But how does a white noise machine help you sleep better? As you read on are some of the ways it does.

1. Keeps the rooms quiet 

Have you experienced a night where you feel like the whole world wants you not to fall asleep? It can be a dog barking, noisy neighbors, a car door closing all these are disruptive as you try to fall asleep. Here is where a white noise machine comes in handy as it helps cancel all these noises. Because it helps to stop you from hearing the change of sound as you sleep that is coming from outside. So, when you have a machine it creates a masking effect to help you fall asleep better. For this reason, bring your white noise machine everywhere. Such as when traveling whether for work or fun. This is to ensure that you are getting a good night’s sleep wherever you are not just at home.  

2. You can sleep soundly 

A white noise machine will help you sleep soundly even when you have a constantly noisy neighbor. Thus, you need more restful sleep, invest in a white noise machine. More importantly, if you tend to wake up during the night, the more you feel less refreshed after a long night’s sleep. To know that you are getting the right kind of sleep. You need to cross from the initial stages of sleep to the rapid eye movement stage. This is possible when you use a white noise machine in your bedroom. Also, there is pink noise that you can opt for as it too does help to quiet the brain waves and promote deep sleep. 

3. Uses sound as a signal 

As part of your bedtime routine, add turning on your white noise machine. Not only for the adults but the children as well so that they may get the benefits too. For instance, as an adult, you can sip a cup of soothing herbal tea with your white noise machine on as you read or journal. Through this, you signal your brain to calm and rest. The more you use it as part of your sleep routine. The more your body and brain associate these sounds with sleep. If you have children, considering turning on the white noise machine as you read to them. In this way, you create a perfect environment for a sleepy child. 

4. Trains the brain to relax

Do you always have thoughts flowing into your head when you want to sleep and you find yourself just staring at the ceiling? How do you get to relax and quiet your brain from all things you have to do the next day? Many reasons can cause the brain not to settle down when you want to sleep. Including the fear of sleeping less than eight hours, not falling asleep on time, among many others. Thus, a white noise machine can help the brain to relax as it will focus on the soothing sounds instead of the stressful thoughts in your head. The more you use the sound machine, the more it helps the brain to relax. 

5. Helps you to stay asleep 

Importantly, a white noise machine allows you to stay asleep. Not only will it keep noises out when you want to fall asleep, but it will help you to stay asleep throughout the night. This is vital as it will help you wake up refreshed and you can sleep through all the five stages which most people do not get to experience. According to studies, white noise has been of help in helping patients to remain asleep for better sleep and faster healing. Taking into considerations how hospitals can be noisy and with sleep disruptive sounds.

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