9 Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know About

posted by Chris Valentine

There are several warning signs of erectile dysfunction that are worth knowing. You should click right here to learn more.

Many men live in fear of the warning signs of erectile dysfunction as they get older. “Happens to the best of us,” they hear. Unfortunately, there isn’t much comfort in that.

Not being physically or psychologically capable of having sex or pleasing a long-time partner makes a man question his value. It’s a stark indication that your best days are behind you.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do if you’re facing this too-often-joked-about problem. In the following article, we’ll be touching on some of them.

Our focus, however, is on the warning signs. Knowing those can lead you down the right paths for treatment. Let’s begin!

1. Erection Difficulty

Erectile dysfunction, or ED as it’s known in the shorthand, is commonly associated with “not being able to get it up.” However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Men with ED may be able to have erections, but it could take more work than it should in order to get there. That can create in him performance anxiety, which in turn makes it even more difficult to get an erection.

Ideally, sex should be natural. It’s a normal bodily function, and when it’s “off” in this manner, you could be staring at the first signs of ED.

2. Unreliable Erections

Another good answer to the question of when does ED start that has nothing to do with one’s inability to gain an erection is the lack of reliability. For these individuals, erections pop up all the time, just never “in the moment” when he’s with his partner.

In many ways, an unreliable erection can be more frustrating than not being able to have one at all. That’s because it “fools” the man into thinking his problem can’t be ED, so it must be something else.

The confusion can send him after the wrong forms of treatment. This only serves to exacerbate the issue.

3. No Erections

Not being able to get an erection is a humbling experience for a man, and it’s one that can affect other aspects of his life. For example, he may not want to even think about sex because of the shame that he and society-at-large heap on the dilemma.

For this particular challenge, there is a simple trick to cure ED (though quite expensive). That comes in the form of “the little blue pill” and other prescription-based offshoots.

These drugs are not without possible side effects, and sometimes those side effects can be downright scary. Other over-the-counter products like the offerings at VirilX.com promise an all-natural solution that can be worth checking out.

4. Ejaculation Issues

One trick for how to know if ED is physical or psychological is in how you ejaculate. The erection “proves” you can physically get there, but your inability to hold back, thus resulting in premature ejaculation can start to take on a psychological component.

Nevertheless, it can be just as embarrassing and frustrating as not being able to attain an erection at all. Some of the most common ejaculation issues include the following:

  • The aforementioned premature ejaculation: in which case, you find yourself apologizing to your partner

  • Delayed ejaculation: or, having your partner finish long before you do and fall out of the mood

  • The inability to ejaculate: not bad for your partner or your reputation perhaps, but you don’t receive quite the same joy out of sex

Any of these issues can lead to psychological issues that feed into your ED. In any of the cases, you may want to seek a medical opinion.

5. Sex Is Not on Your Radar

When you can’t do something well (or at all), it can be preferable to retreat from doing it altogether. Frustrations in the bedroom may shut down your libido altogether, which can create self-esteem and relationship issues that are hard to overcome.

Don’t accept the fact that you’re never in the mood to have sex as “a part of life.” It means something is wrong and needs to be addressed. There are too many options to deal with ED for you to resign yourself to a sexless relationship.

6. Anorgasmia 

This condition occurs when you’ve received significant stimulation and cannot seem to attain an orgasm. It sort of overlaps with the inability to get an erection or just having bad erection timing, where it never happens when needed.

7. Low Testosterone Levels

Having low testosterone is a common culprit in the onset of erectile dysfunction. If this is the case, you can start taking testosterone supplements or receiving prescribed doses from your doctor. Should this clear up the problem, you’re generally in a good position to overcome the psychological collateral damage that low sex drive and ED produce.

8. Psychological Factors

Some erectile dysfunction could be classified as “mental ED” for many of the reasons we’ve already mentioned. Perhaps it starts out as a physical issue, but the longer that physical issue goes on, the more it starts to burrow into the confidence of the patient.

As a result, he ends up suffering from bouts of anxiety or depression related to sexual activity. This makes it even more difficult to get in the mood or perform when called upon to do so.

Psychological traumas may also be a factor. Perhaps a partner has cheated on him, and it has made him feel devalued to the point of creating mental barriers that render him incapable of sex, at least with the same partner.

9. Heart and Blood Flow Issues

At day’s end, your erection is the product of blood flow. With any type of physical condition that would impede that process, such as high cholesterol or blood pressure, the ability to have sex can become an issue.

Addressing the physical blood flow problem should create the right conditions for you to resume sexual activity. If you’re concerned about it, talk to your doctor.

Heed the Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

The warning signs of erectile dysfunction don’t have to take over your life. Recognize them as they arise and seek treatment.

As we’ve said, there are just too many options available today for addressing this problem. You deserve to have great sex, so prioritize it! For more posts on topics like this one, check out some of our other tips!

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