Keeping Your Kids Safe Whilst They Trick or Treat

posted by Chris Valentine
Keeping Your Kids Safe Whilst They Trick or Treat is the #1 priority of every parent this Halloween

Photo by CC user kristianderic on Flickr

Halloween is only around the corner which means the kids are picking out their outfits, the candies are being bought and pumpkins are sat ready to be carved.

Trick or treating is a great part of the holiday celebration! It lets your kids loose on the streets to interact with other trick or treaters, pick up a Japanese candy box and have a great time. But are your kids as safe as they could be? Letting them out on their own, worrying about their safety it isn’t the best feeling for any parent.

This Halloween, keeping your kids safe whilst they trick or treat is as easy as following these tips:

Crossing Roads Correctly

This might sound straightforward but crossing the road correctly can literally save lives. When you are out and about with your child make sure that you always cross the road correctly and if not at a crossing then make sure you are looking both ways before you cross.

If your child is out without supervision then explain to them that they need to cross the road at the correct places and never run out into the road.

Avoid Spooky Houses

Yes it is Halloween, yes it is the part of the year when everyone is out to be spooky and scare everyone else. There are those houses that are dressed to the nines in Halloween decorations and have clearly got into the spirit and, then there are those houses that will have no part in any of it.

Make sure to warn your children that if a house looks unwelcome then they probably shouldn’t bother approaching it. Not everyone wants to be bothered by trick or treaters so make sure you are choosing houses carefully.

Managing the Sweet Tooth

For many, the best part about Halloween is overindulging on sweets and chocolates, and that means that most spend the week after Halloween feeling a little unwell. When you let your kids loose on the streets, make sure that they have had a good meal before they go out so they don’t feel too sick just eating sugar.

Whilst trick or treating, the best way to stay safe with sweets is to make sure you only take them from homes that have opened the doors to you, you remember any dietary requirements and you don’t eat sweets that have been unwrapped.

Adult Accompaniment

One of the best ways to know that your child is safe is with an adult chaperone. Having someone to make sure your kids are crossing the roads correctly, staying away from strangers and out of harm’s way is a great way to stay safe. However, we understand that sometimes that this is just not possible. Sometimes your kids are old enough to go out on their own and you might be letting them roam the streets on their own.

Don’t fret! If your child is old enough to go out without an adult but you still feel worried about them out on their own then have you considered purchasing a kids tracker? This might sound like something from spy kids and it might even make you think you are being a bit intense. However, Kids trackers are simple to use, easy to track and great at keeping your children safe.

With all the safety precautions in place, it’s time to enjoy a spooky but safe Halloween!

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