8 Tips to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

posted by Chris Valentine

Lack of enough sleep is an issue that affects many people and it has now been a concern. Sleep deprivation is connected to other problems like road accidents, forgetfulness and even chronic diseases such as depression, obesity, and hypertension. This problem can be caused by various factors like poor nutrition or natural disorders like apnea. Close to 60 million people in America have a sleeping problem. However, every problem has a solution right? Apart from practicing healthy patterns like exercising, we will give you the 8 tips to have a good night’s sleep. They will help you to boost the natural functioning of the body and in return, make you sleep like a baby. So let’s learn!

As we mentioned earlier, lack of enough sleep can cause damage to your health and according to Sleepify, sleep deprivation can not only cause damage to your health but also, it makes you look older and you are likely to make bad decisions during the day. This might result in your day getting even harder. Therefore, the following habits will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Reduce Sugar Intake

A study conducted by the University of California showed that, the level of glucose in the body is related to lack of enough sleep. Foods that contain sugar don’t boost your energy for long. Therefore, you should keep off sugary foods some hours before going to bed.

2. Complex Carbs are good!

Add some peanut butter or just some little portion of pasta in your veggies. As a result, tryptophan is produced. Tryptophan is an amino acid that enables you to relax. B vitamins also help in the production of tryptophan.

3. Some Meditation will help!

Meditation will help you reduce any stress you might be having. According to research, meditation helps out people with insomnia especially adults. You can get guides on meditation online or try using the BetterMe Meditation app. There are even educational institutions which offer courses on meditation. You only need to enroll for one!

4. Take a Warm Bath Before Bed

A warm bath is probably the easiest and simplest habit. It brings with it some feeling of serenity. You feel calm. A warm bath can relieve tension and stress. In addition, the variations in your body temperature promote better sleep. It is recommended you take the bath probably two hours before going to bed.

5. Dim your Screen Lights

This is as simple as it sounds! Whichever device you are using, whether it is a computer or a phone, you should reduce the screen light. Researchers claim that the much light causes a reduction in the production of melatonin. This in returns makes us stay up longer because of the blue light spectra. Lastly, before going to bed, do not forget to switch off your television and also the lights.

6. Avoid Caffeine

Try as much as you can to reduce the amount of caffeine you take especially in the morning. Mostly, the caffeine affects your sleep only hours after you take it. Its effect is likely to take effect during your sleep time since it makes the sleep lighter.

7. Keep off Alcohol

Yes, that’s right. If you want to enjoy a good night sleep, you have to stay away from alcohol. Studies have been conducted and they show that when you drink alcohol some hours before sleeping you are likely to sleep faster. However, the effect of alcohol will make you toss or even wake up severally in the middle of the night since it distracts deep sleep. You will then wake up feeling like you didn’t have enough sleep. What will be the essence anyway? The quality of sleep is what that matters.

8. Remain Active During the Day

Firstly, make sure that you work towards achieving the goals you had set for the day. During the day, try also to find a time and work out. You will note how sweet your sleep will be. The quality of the sleep gets better when you are active during the day.

At the end of the day, one of the pleasures in life is just having to sleep well and waking up feeling all fresh and rested. This is why you need some good night’s sleep for your well being. The habits we mentioned above will help you achieve this easily since they promote good sleep. With this, you get to boost your health, keep away from deadly diseases and even stay younger!

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