James P DeVellis Helps People Determine Whether They Need an Orthopedic Surgeons

posted by Chris Valentine

If you hear of orthopedics, you probably think about terrible injuries to the bones. However, an orthopedic surgeon like James P DeVellis actually deals with a lot more that that. They work with any illnesses and injuries that affect part of the musculoskeletal system. This means they deal with any muscle or bone in the human body. An old fox who needs a new hip could visit an orthopedic surgeon, but so could someone who has torn a muscle, for instance.

James P DeVellis on Whether You Need a Surgeon

Most of us have had some sort of injury to our musculoskeletal system at some point. This may have been after an accident, misconduct on a local sports field, a simple misstep, or anything else. However, it is quite rare for someone to actually need a surgeon. People also don’t go to a surgeon voluntarily, they do so because they really need one. So when is a surgeon needed?

Orthopedic specialists often deal with people who have arthritis. This condition leads to pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints. Damage to the cartilage of the joints is also very common. Sometimes, the pain gets so bad that people simply cannot live their daily life anymore. They can’t switch on the television to listen to the latest allegations on the news, they can’t brush their teeth, they can’t move about, and so on. People with arthritis are usually asked to make lifestyle changes, after which they are prescribed medication. Eventually, however, they may need surgery such as joint replacement.

An orthopedic surgeon may also be needed following injury. Often, these are sports-related injuries. This includes knee and cuff injuries and torn ligaments, for instance.

More and more often, these surgeons also deal with tumor removal. However, they only do so if the tumor is inside the bone and needs to be surgically removed. This does require additional and specialized training, enabling them to remove someone’s tumor while at the same time ensuring they don’t lose too much mobility. In the past, people with tumors in the bones would usually have to have an amputation, until orthopedic surgeons started to become involved.

The majority of the work done by orthopedic surgeons, however, consists of dealing with crushed, dislocated, and broken bones. This is also why this is what most people think of when they hear of orthopedics. However, not everyone with a fracture has to see an orthopedic surgeon. Often, the injury can simply be set and cast. If, however, the bones need stabilizing with pins or other forms of surgery, a specialist is needed. Also, any bone injury in a child has to be treated by an orthopedic specialist so that their growth and development isn’t affected.

People who have injuries or illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system often look for at home treatment first. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make things worse. They, too, may need the services of an orthopedic surgeon to repair the damage they did to themselves.

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