Likely Reasons That You Are Tired Throughout the Day

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you find yourself tired throughout your day? Do you feel this way no matter how much sleep you get or how little or much work you do? If you find yourself feeling this way, there’s a good chance that some things that you were doing throughout your day are contributing to you being exhausted.

Our bodies are very sensitive and balanced instruments that can be thrown out of balance very easily depending upon our habits. With this in mind it’s very important that we do all we can to keep our cells in alignment so that we are feeling healthy and always have the energy that we need to get us through our days. Here are two key things to consider that may be contributing to you feeling exhausted.

Lack of Good Quality Sleep

Doctors say that we need to have 8 hours of Total Sleep with 5 hours of that being REM or very deep sleep. REM sleep allows your body to go in its most stressful state shutting down some of your non-critical systems and allowing the body to repair itself. When you do not have REM sleep, you will be very tired the next day. In fact some people get 8 hours sleep but never actually reach the five hours of REM sleep needed. Part of this might be because of your sleeping environment. You need to buy drapes or curtains that make your room completely dark. Another helpful approach is to turn off your electronic devices at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. This will allow you to get in a more relaxed state by the time you lay down.

One major issue is if your partner has a snoring problem. If someone is snoring next to you, it prohibits you from getting deep sleep. And even though you may not wake up completely, chances are you’re not getting your 5 hours of REM sleep every night because of the snoring. So when you have a partner who snores, you need to take action and get that person help.

Today there are many wonderful organizations that can help those who snore two in the bad habit. The added concern for someone who snores is that the person might have sleep apnea, which is a medical condition that can be fatal. So contacting a medical expert about a snoring problem is a smart thing to do and it will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Your Diet

The body needs a full complement of nutritional food in order for it to operate optimally. If you are the type of person who diets too much, or who binges on a particular type of food and neglects other important food groups, you might be depriving your body of needed nutrition that will help you sleep better. You should have a balanced diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and if you are deficient in any of these you should take supplements to help you make up that deficiency.

You should also limit your intake of caffeine and sugar. Both can interrupt your sleep cycle and cause your metabolism to fluctuate wildly during the day. This will lead to times when you have too much energy and other times where you can barely find any. Instead of loading up on caffeine and sugar, drink lots of water, and eat common sense snacks like fruit, and yogurt.

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