Sleep Solutions: 4 Ways to Sleep Better, Tonight!

posted by Chris Valentine

We all need our ‘beauty sleep’ every now and then, but sometimes it’s very difficult to get a decent good night’s sleep. Whether it’s anxiety or overthinking, interrupted sleeping patterns can make you so tired and fatigued all the time, not to mention that you would be in a terrible mood all the time. So there must be a way to get much better sleep, and we’ve come up with 4 different ways for you to sleep a lot better than before.

1. Change Your Eating Habits

Most people don’t notice that one of the reasons why they have interrupted sleep or can’t sleep well at all is because they’ve eaten a hearty meal close to bedtime. There is nothing wrong with eating or having a midnight snack if you’re hungry, but remember to keep it light to ensure that you’re digesting properly, and it’s near completion. You have to time yourself when to eat and when to sleep because you don’t want your body to be in the process of digesting at the time that it’s supposed to be resting. This always disrupts your sleep, and you won’t be able to rest, so remember to eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

2. Upgrading Your Bed

Depending on how old your bed is, it might be a decent time to think about getting a new one. Over the years, your mattress bore a lot of usages and wore down. So if you want something comfortable, easy to use and won’t be too expensive, then it wouldn’t hurt to read more about the different kinds of air mattresses that could be much cheaper than your ordinary one, but it’s a lot more comfortable and worth every penny spent on it. So remember to check the different types and choose the one that suits you best; something new like a mattress can mean a lot to your sleeping pattern.

3. Move All Electronics Away

Although this might be difficult for some people, you should learn to keep all electronics away from your bed before you sleep. If it’s possible, keep all your electronics outside your bedroom when it’s time for bed. All the lights, rays, and EMFs can hinder your ability to lie down and sleep. These invisible electrical waves may not hurt you directly now, but if you sleep in a room with 0 electronics, you will be able to sleep much more deeply and rest restoratively for your body. These waves could have harmful side-effects later on in your life, not to mention that any ringing, lighting, or vibration could potentially wake you up, so it’s all better off being away from you.

4. Worry Before Your Head Hits The Pillow

For some evil reason, the human brain always plays tricks on us and starts thinking about the most random moments or bad ones all the time before you go to sleep; it’s like it’s reminding you about the embarrassing moments on purpose. Also, the brain tends to focus greatly on any issue or problem that might be troubling you at that time; this might be difficult to control, but it can be done through practice. So you should dedicate a specific time of the day, maybe 20 to 30 minutes to just review all your concerns, and then forget about them. That way, you won’t be overthinking when you’re in bed trying to sleep. You need to clear your mind and relax as much as you can; consider meditating pre-bedtime, and never think about a single random thought because it chains to the next one. It’s a never-ending cycle if you don’t stop it early.

How Many Hours Do We Need?

This is something that people still can’t understand properly; most people say you need 8 hours, some say 9, while others say you only need 6 or 7. Also, there are a select few that can argue that the body needs 5 hours only to function properly. But quite frankly, there is no right answer for this because everyone is unique and wired differently. You just need to figure out which sleeping pattern works best for you.

Insomnia can be such a terrible thing to have, especially when you try your hardest to relax and sleep. Clearing your mind is not as easy as it sounds, but with enough practice and persistence, you will be able to rest and get the best sleep you’ve ever had in years. You won’t have to keep counting sheep anymore to fall asleep; you have surpassed that and will be able to sleep much more deeply and comfortably once you do some of these tips.

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