Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Solutions

posted by Chris Valentine

A lower back pain that lasts longer than 90 days is registered as chronic back pain. This type of ache is most commonly crossed by people between 35 and 60 years old. Chronic or ongoing pain brings discomfort followed by constant frustration, which might temporarily stop, but don’t expect it not to return, it’s inevitable.

Now, before getting into the treatment solution, let’s see what the most causes for chronic lower pain are

  • Spinal stenosis- back spine canal reduction leading to nerve pain
  • Spinal abnormalities- herniated disk, bulging or slipped disk
  • Arthritis of the spine- continuous contraction of the cartilage inside the spine
  • Myofascial pain syndrome- muscle pain and spasms

Whether if you identified your syndrome or not, the only thing left to do is to fix your illness, so, with that being said:

Here are some of the most effective chronic lower back pain treatment methods


Since few people experience severe, chronic back pain, surgery is not required. However, if you tried all the other treatment options, then surgery is imperative. Here are a few indicators that say you need surgery

  • Deficiency in limbs
  • Weak balance and motion problems
  • Signs of slower reflexes

It could be that spine disk fragments have broken off or disband, in this case, you need surgery to get damaged fragments removed so the pressure on the back nerves disappears. It could also be an injured vertebra that needs to be merged together.

Either way, you should first and foremost consult the doctors. If they say there are no such serious problems besides some common symptoms you could get away with, then we have some nonsurgical chronic lower back pain treatment which will probably get you out of pain.

Physical therapy

Most physical pain treatments start with exercises and so is the case with chronic lower back pain.

The most efficient exercises to fix your back are:

  • Partial crunches
  • Skipping the toe touches
  • Skipping the sit-ups
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Wall sits

Stoill, these exercises don’t work for everyone, that’s why you should see a spine physical therapist to get guidance first. Keep in mind that maintaining your workout routine at home is a must if you want to speed up the recovery.


Reducing your level of working has been proven to lower the amount of stress pressure on the back. However, bad rest will only gonna make it worse, you should get a couple of days off and that’s it, try to get shorter periods of time but more often.

Lying on your back with a pillow under your knees, keeping your body in a neutral position for 30 minutes a day, it’s the perfect start.


What does food have to do with back pain? Well, some diets are highly inflammatory, such as those that contain processed foods, refined sugars, and rich trans fats. Bad feeding is one of the main causes of chronic pain, so consultant the medic to see if there is somehow you could improve your diet to get rid of the pain.

Injection-based treatments

Chronic back pain can be easily amended with nerve blocks, ablations, and epidural injections. Don’t really know what these are? The doctor will tell you what exactly do you need depending on your condition. The injection treatment is used only when the cause of the pain is certainly known. The injections will decrease the pain for a period but this is not a permanent solution, it should be combined with the others.

Now that you know how exactly to fix your lower back pain, we wish you luck in your recovery.

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