Put The Playing Cards Down – Bingo Is Back!

posted by Chris Valentine

Forget your royal flush, drop the roulette chips, the gambling game of 2019 is bingo!

While once considered a game for the older generation, bingo has been threatening a comeback for a number of years and 2019 has certainly seen it return in style.

Online gambling continues to grow at a rapid rate, and alongside the likes of poker and blackjack, a rapid growth in bingo has also occurred.

Brands such as Mecca Bingo online are leading the charge, transforming how the game is perceived by offering new variants and a fast and fun environment with huge jackpots.

That market continues to grow, and 2020 is already looking a big year for both Mecca and online bingo as a whole.

That’s largely due to the balance between online and offline they have achieved. They’ve created an exciting platform online with variants including Jive Talking Bingo, offering a disco vibe, Penny Lane Bingo inspired by The Beatles and Supersonic bingo offering fast-paced playing.

In the UK it’s been a huge year for the brand, with them giving away over £100million in their bingo halls alone. Online, the industry as a whole is enjoying a 40% rise in players as well as seeing more stores open, a significant statistic given the fact betting shops in the country are closing.

In the US it’s a similar story, Bingo is growing at a rapid rate as legislation is passed in more states. Bingo is now available to play online in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey and more states are touted to pass bills in the coming 12 months.

Michigan has recently passed a bill to legalize online gambling, while debates will be had over a number more over the coming months.

That could revolutionize online bingo even further and potentially see the big European brands make their way to the United States, just as the likes of bet365 and William Hill have in sports betting.

One thing is for sure, bingo has cemented its place as an online gambling staple in the last year and it’s welcoming a completely new audience not just to bingo but gambling as a whole.

One of the key trends in the online gambling industry for 2020 will be brands looking to appeal to a wider, more feminine audience, and it can perhaps be argued that bingo is a large reason for more females entering the industry in the first place.

It’s an exciting time for bingo, and if you’re looking for a fun new game to play, it could well be time to board that train and enjoy its simple excitement and huge jackpots!

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