What makes a rubbish slot online?

posted by Chris Valentine

There is no time when you visit an online casino that you don’t come across one new slot or the other. All software providers are striving towards producing a slot that will become the household name of all gamblers – enjoy weekly free spins.

But in the bid to do this, many developers have built slots that are not worth considering at all. Though there are countless excellent online slots, we cannot overlook the ones with rubbish in the online slot world. There are certain indications that a slot must have, and once a slot doesn’t possess these indicators, then it is a rubbish online slot.

What makes a rubbish online slot? Continue reading to get the answer to that. 

Lack of simplicity

Slots are known for being exceptionally simple. Slots should not be over complicated. Hence any slot that comes with too many complexities ends up being off point. Any slot that lacks simplicity is off the radar of being an excellent slot and has fallen into the rubbish online slots. 

Low-quality graphics

Slots that fall into this category often have graphics that are nothing to write home about. Slot graphics should be captivating with amazing themes, animations, and quality sound effects. When you open an online slot and the graphics that welcome you are not enticing or making you stay at the slot, then it falls into this category. Also, good sound is important when playing a slot, but a bad slot is a turn-off, same as themes and animations. Some slots have childish or wild animations, while others have irritating themes. 

Ridiculous RTP

What is the essence of playing a slot, and when you are ready to cash out, your winnings are ridiculous. The slots that fall into these categories have ridiculous RTP, so when you hit the jackpot, there is no much difference. RTPs are meant to give you a larger percentage on any amount you wager, but imagine getting 20% when you wager $200. 

Absurd bonuses and features

There is a joy that accompanies great bonuses and amazing features. There are certain slots that offer bonuses that are not worth your time and attention. Starting from the offers on their welcome bonus and deposit bonus, you would have seen the red flag and the fault in the slot. 

Low level of excitement

Playing slots should come with excitement. Slots should always get gamblers happy and looking forward to always playing. Players shouldn’t go ages without winning anything or activating a feature, but with this slot, players can play for a very long time without getting a bonus not to talk or winnings.

Bad user interface

The user interface determines how the game flow goes and how great your experience with the game is. The user interface is what players get to see when developers are done with programming. Certain slots do not have a welcoming user interface. Hence, such slots are in the category of what we refer to as a rubbish slot. 


Any slot with the above characteristics should be avoided. Examples of such slots in this category are Original Rainbow Riches Slot Machine and Codfather, characterized by outdated graphics. Such slots should be avoided at all costs.

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